Ups and Downs of Juicing

The Ups

One of the most beneficial parts of juicing is the tremendous amounts of nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, water and oxygen in each serving. However, since the juicing machine separates out the fiber in your fruits and vegetables, juices are digested in just minutes, and these nutrients become much more efficient and absorb quickly. This is a highly beneficial for people with immune system disorders such as cancer, chronic fatigue and AIDS.

Juicing also gives you digestive system a much needed break. With all of the processed foods that we consume yearly, this will help cleanse your body of many unwanted toxins.  Juices send a quick source of fuel into the bloodstream and allow the digestive organs to not work as hard. The high level of energy that it would normally take for digestion can now be used for cleansing and rebuilding the body.

Juicing can also be used to help or relieve constipation, headaches, stress and moodiness that some women experience before their periods, due to its balancing effects.Juicing2

The Downs

The first thing to consider is that juicing can be more on the expensive side. A good juicer can easily run up to $300 and more, and the large amounts of fruits and vegetables that need to be purchased can add up, not to mention the time spent to prepare and clean up after, can be a difficult task for anyone.

However, more important is the fact that most juices have a high concentration of natural sugars and therefore feed yeast and other opportunistic organisms. They also don’t combine well, and if they are eaten with proteins or starches, they can cause digestion problems like fermentation and gas.

The most important rule to consider before juicing is making sure that the colon has been detoxified and that there are significant amounts of good bacteria in the digestive tract. If using any high-sugar fruit, there should be no symptoms of yeast overgrowth at all, as the natural sugars from the fruit will feed it and allow the yeast to stay in control in the digestive tract.

Juicing can be very beneficial if one is ready to follow some simple rules.  However, if you have a issue with blood sugar levels then stick to a low-sugar juice of mainly green vegetables and spices (like ginger or basil), and use a green apple for a touch of sweetness.

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