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supporter, maui has been ground zero for the agro-chemical industry’s outdoor experimentation of plants that are genetically engineered to withstand heavy spraying of toxic chemicals. That is until this week when Maui voters decided to suspend these experiments until the companies behind them start to disclose more information about the chemicals they’re using. This is not just a victory for the people and the environment of Maui. trimox This is a victory for our democracy as our grassroots, community-based food movement was able to prevail against impossible odds. Opponents of the moratorium, Dow Chemical and Monsanto, outspent grassroots supporters 87 to 1. While they succeeding in making this the most expensive campaign in Hawaii’s history, they failed to hear the legitimate concerns of Maui residents whose homes trimox, schools and businesses are downwind of these experiments. While we hoped that this industry would respect the will of the citizens who fought door-to-door to win this campaign, Monsanto has already declared that they plan to “file a [trimox] lawsuit challenging the legality of this harmful ban. ” Together, we’ll send an even stronger message to the agro-chemical industry that our movement is a force that even their money can’t reckon with. Thanks, Ashley Lukens, PhD Program Director, Hawaii Center for Food Safety  

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