Tips for keeping the weight off at Christmas

Christmas is renowned for its huge quantities of food. At this time of year people tuck into their sweet, fatty, sugary snacks like there’s no tomorrow- unfortunately there is – January. When the new year comes personal trainers see a significant increase in the numbers of people wanting to lose weight. However, with a little bit of knowledge and some self control, the damage of Christmas may not affect you.


Fill Up at Breakfast


Moderation is key and many people go into Christmas meals on empty stomachs. This leads to bingeing and near crying to personal trainers when the new year comes. Make sure you eat a healthy, high fiber breakfast with sources of lean protein, such as eggs. Eating a hearty breakfast prevents people from suffering food cravings before dinner. This is extremely dangerous with all the treats on offer over the holidays.




Water is of major importance during the holiday season and aids weight loss and also general health. Water prevents you from feeling hungry and is also necessary during such times of alcohol usage. Choosing water over alcohol is great for avoiding hangovers obviously, but at 7 calories a gram, alcohol is also a fat inducer. It promotes fat around organs and the stomach area in particular, something home fitness trainers have to help contend with after the Christmas period.


Eat Slowly


If you cram all your food in at once, you end up eating more calories as you body doesn’t have time to digest your dinner. Eat slowly and allow your stomach time to digest. This will mean you get full and have eaten less calories. This will mean you take less food on board and won’t put as much weight on over Christmas and won’t have vigorous effort to shift weight with your home personal trainer in the coming months.




Finding a friend, or relation who wishes to keep the weight off at Christmas and who will be attending many of your family get together is ideal. It allows you the chance to have an eating buddy and lowers the incidence of you putting on weight as you have the motivation not to.


By following these procedures you should have no problem keeping the weight off and so wont feel guilty when you return to your personal trainer in January. Have a good Christmas!

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