One exercise to get a full body workout

In order to get a true full body workout you need to push your core muscles and cardiovascular system it highest point. There is a single exercise movement that will do just that with no exercise equipment needed… The burpee. There are many variants to this specific exercise and we will be talking about one of them today.

The burpee variant that we will be taking a look at is the 8 count burpee with a jumping jack on the ground. The steps will include the following:

1. Squat with your hands on the ground
2. Kick your feet back
3. Kick your feet out to form a Y shape
4. Bring your feet back together
5. Down into a push-up
6. Up part of the push-up
7. Bring your feet back under you
8. Jump in the air

I will have to warn you, this exercise is not for the faint hearted and will require a basic athletic skill level. But if you are looking for a exercise that will push you to your limit and give you a challenge of progressing further into your fitness journey, the burpee could be your exercise of choice.

Basic Stretching Tips to Keep Healthy

Stretching is a very simple and important exercise to improve the health of your body. Some of the purposes of stretching is to keep muscles supple, enhance flexibility, increase range of motion of joints, increase blood flow to your heart and muscles, increase heart rate and body temperature, prevent from injuries and so many others things.

The proper way to stretch is with slow and relaxed motions. Try to avoid “Bouncing”. Although this could feel more comfortable, it can actually cause you to pull the muscle you are trying to stretch.

When stretching you should feel a mild tension of the muscle you are  focusing on. Be careful not to over stretch. If you feel any type of overwhelming pain slowly back off.

Hold each stretch for a minimum of 20-30 seconds each. Don’t forget to breath slowly and naturally. Do not hold you breathe. Slow and steady breathing is key to a successful stretching session. Be relaxed while stretching and repeat 1 to 2 more times with each time stretching a little further. Again, only to a mild tension point.

At this point you are ready to begin you activity or start your day. A good time to do your stretching is in the morning, before physical activities, sitting for long periods of time, or just feel a little tense. You will be amazed in the difference of your energy level and how you feel.