Beat That Tummy Bloat

Have you noticed more and more commercials on TV where you hear about some new medications for that tummy bloat? Either prescription or over the counter. They are advertising heavily so that must mean, I’m not the only one with abdominal bloating right? You know that horrible uncomfortable full, tight bloated stomach where you feel miserable and don’t know what to do with yourself? Yeah. I have have had that feeling and I have tummy problems too. I didn’t run to the doctors office because I would much rather make some healthy changes to my diet.

Tips to beat that tummy bloat

Here are some eat more and eat less tips –


Drink More Water! It will help stimulate your kidneys and flush out your system.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is rich in digestive enzymes, especially the seeds too. Grind those babies up right in your smoothie!

Add a good Probiotic to your diet regimen too.

Eat more FRESH Veggies.

Drink peppermint or ginger teas. They are great for soothing that bloated belly.



Chew gum, it creates acid and will cause stomach cramps and bloating.

Steer clear of antacids they only create more heartburn, cramps and bloating.

Stay away from hot fatty fried foods because they take longer to digest and they just aren’t good for you either.

Say no to Salt and MSG. They are hidden in processed foods, breads. ready to go meals and restaurant food.

Try some of these steps or all of them and you will notice an incredible difference.