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Today's generation is addicted to refined sugars such as fructose, glucose, dextrose, sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup.   These ingredients are commonly found in most foods and drinks today, [sitagliptin] especially pre-packaged foods, candies and sodas.   The problem is that most people are unaware of the harmful effects that are from a high consumption diet of these various sugars. Research has linked sugar consumption in excess to numerous other conditions, sitagliptin including but not limited to: • Premature aging • Various cancers -- breast, ovary, prostate, rectum, etc. • Crohn's disease • Diabetes • Digestive problems, including chronic indigestion • Fatigue and low energy • Heart disease • Hyperactivity and concentration problems • Hypoglycemia • Loss of muscle mass • Menstrual irregularities and premenstrual syndrome • Nutritional deficiencies sitagliptin, including decreased ability to absorb calcium and magnesium • Osteoporosis • Psychological and emotional issues -- depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc. Sitagliptin • stress/burnout syndromes • tooth decay and gum disease • ulcerative colitis • yeast infections excess sugar consumption harms your health in more ways than most people realize. At the very least, it suppresses immunity and causes weight gain, these two factors alone linked to many health issues, including increased cancer risk.

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