Run and Ponder or Ponder and Run

When you run it’s the best time to ponder. Running has it’s many benefits and thinking is one of them.


Some things runners ponder:


  • I love running, When I’m done.

  • Today’s forecast? I don’t care.

  • I run slower than Internet Explorer on 90’s dial up. But I run!

  • Keep Going, Keep Going.

  • Did I lock the front door?

  • Mexican? Sushi? Salad? ‘m hungry.

  • It never gets easier but you get stronger.

  • I really need to get a running buddy.

  • Going over the last text message, phone call or email you just had.

  • Thinking and remembering all the things you forgot to do or don’t want to forget to do and forget anyway. LOL!

  • Thank God for sports bras!


This was not to be taken seriously just thought it would be fun to get a laugh out of what crosses ones mind when they are running. Enough…now it’s time to Run and Ponder or Ponder and run.







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