Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Although much of cancer risk can be rooted in genetics, there are positive steps you can take to minimize your risk and help you fight back and recover faster.


If you smoke, Stop. Smoking is linked to more than just lung cancer. You may be surprised but according to the Mayo Clinic, smoking raises ones risk of cervix, bladder, esophagus and kidney cancers as well.



Eat a variety of healthy foods with cancer fighting nutrients. Most organic veggies and fruits provide nutrients that fight with oxidative damage and cellular inflammation that can lead one to tumor formation.




Exercise and do it regularly. Go on a brisk walk, bike around the neighborhood, swim daily at the local pool and activity that feels like a mini vacation and you will enjoy yourself at the same time.



Be smart about the sun. Catching a few rays is not only healthy, but it can actually help your body produce the valuable vitamin D you need to protect yourself from the various diseases, including breast cancer, ovarian, colon, pancreatic and prostate cancers. But know your skin type. About 10 to 15 minds of sun time without sunscreen or wide-brimmed hats and protective clothing is fine but don’t over do it.

Source: Good Health Lifestyles



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