Dorito chip alternative’s

Looking for some alternatives to those MSG smothered chips called DORITOS?


I’ll tell you what, back in the early nineties I was addicted to Doritos and had been since a teenager. I can remember cruising down the highway on a long trip from Oregon to California in my ‘68 Mustang loaded down with some friends, Doritos, different types of candy, and our Big Gulp cups filled. Just enjoying the drive. Wow! The memories; just living wild and free. So I thought. What I didn’t know was how I was polluting my body and preparing it for the possibility of many future ailments. I remember how my stomach felt after arriving at my destination. Uuuuhg!  Many can relate to what I’m saying here?

It is truly amazing how eating a bunch of junk foods while traveling can make a person feel so bad. Being young, it’s not quite as horrible. Like a lot of things we pollute our body’s with, it will start to take its toll on us. My goal here is to find us some alternatives we can completely replace these nasty little varmints with.

Lets take a look at some alternatives:


Quite some time ago, on one of my visits to a health food market I spotted these chips made by Mexi-Snax (they just happened to be on sale for only $2.59) and noticed they offered a variety of different corn chips, looking similar to Doritos. I decided to throw a couple flavors into my shopping cart. After leaving the store and unloading things into my car, feeling a little hungry for a snack (I’m sure some of you can relate to this) I grabbed a bag of the Nacho flavored Mexi-Snax. Got behind the wheel, opened the bag and got started.  Enjoying half the bag on my way home. I will tell you these chips weren’t quite as appealing as Doritos, but they did seem fresher. If I were comparing taste and flavor against the Doritos Nacho flavor, I would have to give the Mexi-Snax a “4” on a scale of 1-5. While giving the Doritos a “5”. Now comparing the overall freshness and quality, I’d give both a “5”. After doing my research on the ingredients I would give the Mexi-Snax a “4.5” and the Doritos a “2”. I would have gave the Mexi-Snax a “5” but near the bottom of the ingredients list the company lists “other natural ingredients” and that could mean they are hiding the possibility of some MSG. You have to go deeper by doing your due-diligence to find out what “other natural flavors” might mean. Many large companies are good at hiding their unhealthy ingredients under the term “natural” and many other different names. This is done intentionally to mislead health conscience consumers.  pico14ozNow, after trying the Pico de Gallo flavor, I found a new love! These things are so full of flavor without the addiction of MSG laden chips. Mexi-Snax makes several other flavors and you will have to do a little trial and error to find the flavors that fit your taste. I have tried all their other current flavors and they are all pretty good.  I prefer the Pico de Gallo the most.

Give them a try and see what you think?


Getting things started with this blog!

Hello everyone! My name is Jay and I will be bringing some great discoveries in the world of health. I hope you enjoy what you read here at Health Junk. I’m looking forward to sharing about different ways we can bring enjoyment to our lives while improving ones health. Are you ready for some great information? Then stay tuned for much more to come regarding healthy snacking, utilizing herbs and vitamins, eating organic foods, doing light exercise and stretching, protecting ourselves from environmental hazards or over exposure to unhealthy substances.

Some subject areas I may tread lightly on while indulging heavier into others. Just hang on while we navigate through some exciting health issues that won’t break the bank or kill your taste buds. Remember, when a person is a junk food lover like I once was for several years, it’s not that easy to change over to healthier ways. Unless there is some enjoyment while doing it.