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That breath we take! Oxygen is probably the number one source that fuels the body; we need good clean air to breathe everyday. Without it p2 pharmacy uk, we would surely die and the average oxygen content in our air is around 22% worldwide (7% is the minimum we need to survive) But a lot of us live in an environment that exposes us to dirty air and pollutants. Such as outdoor smog, carbon dioxide, particulate matter outside and in, carbon monoxide indoors and out, as well as chemical exposures. P2 pharmacy uk we can ingest chemicals for example through the workplace or doing cleaning tasks around the home. We may work somewhere where p2 pharmacy uk solvent based chemicals are used indoors or out inhaled through the air or absorbed through the skin. We need to always be aware of such things that surround us and use precautionary measures such as respirators, proper ventilation and gloves. Sometimes [p2 pharmacy uk] we don’t have an easy option of just avoiding these substances and by living healthier we can build up our resistance to help the body fight against things like smog, indoor pollution and even chemical exposures. Taking supplements, eating organic foods, drinking herb teas (they really help rid the body of toxins), using tinctures (herbal remedies) and eliminating harmful allergens or foods from the diet. Not everyone can own a “hyper baric chamber” (we will discuss the use of one of these in the future) or hangout at an “oxygen bar” (if there was one even nearby). We need to boost or build up our bodies with nutrients to help us stave off free-radicals that build up or form in our bodies under different types of daily exposures through the air we breathe. That is why studying ways to improve our health and daily habits is so essential. This is not a simple task and takes time to acquire knowledgeable traits and habits. Everyone should take time to learn all they can regarding living a more healthier lifestyle. My goal here on Health Junk is to give readers insight that may help us improve our health or make living more enjoyable through feeling better. I was just touching on the subject of the air we breathe and bringing attention to it. Cheers!

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