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Your body is constantly at work to balance a healthy pH level between acid (lower pH readings) and alkaline (higher pH readings) levels in your body to help it operate to its full ability. When your body is suffering from an imbalance in these levels your body has to work harder and pull these minerals from other sources in your body such as your bones, organs and tissues. So what is this pH balance anyways? The pH in chemistry stands for potential Hydrogen. The pH levels are measured on a scale of zero (0) to fourteen (14), less than 7 being acidic, and greater than 7 being alkaline. There is an optimal balance in acid vs. alkaline for our body, this number is 7. 36 on the pH scale. How does this effect us? By not drinking enough alkaline water daily our body naturally goes through the process to do it for us. How does this happen? Our body will essentially through out bloodstream. Order metformin cod it will collect the necessary minerals from out bodies organs, tissues and bones. One of the major minerals is Calcium, it has been said that with today's diet of processed foods, sugars and pasteurized [order metformin cod] dairy (highly acidic diet) that we can potentially pass half our skeletal system through our urine over a 20 year period. Many other organs such as the kidneys and liver order metformin cod, which maintain the acid/alkaline balance in our bloodstream cannot keep up with the acidic overload that we consume. Therefore, leaving harmful free radicals and various bacteria's to be recirculated through out body. This leads to acidosis (an increased order metformin cod acidity in the blood and other body tissue).

Some symptoms of asidosis include:  fatigue, foggy thinking, weight gain, muscle loss, osteoprosis, anxiety/irritability and heart burn. People can survive for many weeks without food, but only days without water. With air being the 1st, water is the 2nd most important element in our body, yet up to 75% of people are chronically dehydrated and severely damaging their bodies without even knowing it.

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