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For most of us, there has been many times we have been out enjoying the warmer weather and have been exposed to too much sun. No rx nirdosh   whether it be a day [no rx nirdosh] out on the beach or a day at the park, there are times when it seems difficult to avoid the inevitable sunburn. Although there are many products that you can use to block sun exposure to avoid the painful effects of you outdoors adventure, most of these products are full of harmful ingredients.   Some of which have been known to cause the very thing your trying to avoid, cancer. But there is something you use to soothe your pain and help treat that unwanted painful redness, and that is vinegar.   Yes, that's right no rx nirdosh, vinegar.   Whether it apple cider or white distilled, vinegar can heal a sunburn in no time.   One person says that before bedtime she applied regular vinegar to the exposed areas and woke with "no redness, no itching, no tingling" and also said " . . . immediately takes all the pain out of your sunburn. " Why is vinegar so effective while dealing with sun exposure?  According to Bonnie K. McMillen, R. N. , B. S. N. , college health nurse at the no rx nirdosh University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, "Vinegar has antiseptic properties that can kill germs and relieve pain. " It works by balancing your skins acid and alkalinity levels, which helps with the healing process.   Its strange to think that this common kitchen ingredient would be so effective, but its true.   Not only having healing powers for sunburn, vinegar can also be an effective way to cure acne.   Diluting the vinegar with water an applying it to your face will keep excess oils at bay. Strange? Yes.   Effective? Definitely.   Next time your in pain and have reddened skin from the sun, take a trip to your kith and see for yourself.   You will not be disappointed.

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