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When you run it's the [no rx acompliex] best time to ponder. Running has it's many benefits and thinking is one of them.

Some things runners ponder:

  • I love running no rx acompliex, When I'm done.

  • Today's forecast? I don't care.

  • I run slower than Internet Explorer on 90's dial up. But I run!

  • Keep Going, Keep Going.

  • Did I lock the front door?

  • Mexican? Sushi? Salad? 'm hungry.

  • It never gets easier but you get stronger.

  • I really need to get a running buddy.

  • Going over the last text message, phone call or email you just had. No rx acompliex

  • thinking and remembering all the things you forgot to do or don't want to forget to do and forget anyway. LOL!

  • Thank God for sports bras!

This was not to be taken seriously just thought it would be fun to get a laugh out of what crosses ones mind when they are running. Enough. . . now it's time to Run and Ponder or Ponder no rx acompliex and run.


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