Fight Off Body Odor With Vegetables And Fruit

Nobody likes bad body odor.  Most of us go to any lengths to try and cover it up with creams, lotions, deodorants and perfumes.  But what most of us fail to realize is that most of the products we are using to cover up the bad smells are actually impacting our body in a negative way.  Majority of the popular brands to “deodorize” us contain an aluminum base and paraben.  Research has shown that absorption through the skin of such substances plays a role in an elevated Alzheimer’s risk and may also lead to a higher risk of breast cancer.bo2

One key area of focus involves choline, a nutrient that Oregon State University researchers identified as an “unpleasant odor-producing culprit”. Diets low in choline can help reduce bad body odor.

Vegetables are low in this nutrient overall, however, the ones with lowest choline have been identified as raw cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale and carrots.  While fruits with low choline levels include pears, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and bananas.

Also, fresh citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are considered especially effective in fighting body odor. A New York City dermatologist and internist has said that “the acids in citrus fruits help flush water through your body. And because citrus also contains fiber, they move through your system slowly and flush out toxins that contribute to body odors.”

Another study showed that people with a no red meat diet had a significantly lower body odor and was deemed more pleasant a smell.


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