The Good and The Bad Foods for your Skin

Keeping a nutritious diet supports your immune system and it helps support your skin defenses too.



Fatty acids, whole grains, vitamin B and lots of fruits. These foods and nutrients can help your skin fight bacteria that causes acne.

The good foods for clear skin:

  • Fatty Acids: wild salmon, cod, flaxseeds, almonds

  • Whole grains: brown rice, wild rice, barley, whole-wheat bread

  • Vitamin B6: cauliflower, sunflower seeds, walnuts, avocado

  • Fruits: kiwi, pomegranate, papaya, peach, lemon, berries, apples and bananas


These nutrient-poor foods contain bad substances that can cause skin reactions that lead to acne. Cut out these foods or reduce.

The bad foods that bother your skin:

  • Caffeine: coffee, tea, colas and energy drinks

  • Sugar: candy, soda, desserts and syrups

  • Processed Foods: hot dogs, canned soup, tv dinners, instant noodles

  • Greasy foods: chips. fried foods, fast food, margarine


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