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Garlic may not be able to ward off vampires, diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 but it might keep the common cold at bay. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 British researchers found that people who took a garlic supplement suffered about 65 percent fewer colds compared to those taking a placebo. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 Plus, diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 those in the garlic group who did come down with the sniffles recovered faster. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 One reason for these benefits, diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 say the researchers, diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 may be a compound in garlic called allicin that blocks the enzyme that plays a key role in bacterial and viral infections. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 Look for an enterically coated garlic supplement standardized to contain 4% allicin to ensure the herb’s beneficial compounds reach the bloodstream. Diabecon 60 tablet bottle $212.00 Another bonus? The enteric coating also prevents the dreaded garlic breath that keeps many people from reaping this pungent herb’s health benefits.

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