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Lets take a look at some alternatives to sweeten your food instead of using those refined sugars and artificial sweeteners to avoid those extra calories.   There are several ways that you can get that craved sweetness using natural products with other added benefits. Honey Honey can be used and is an obvious alternative cheap hangover helper online to refined sugar.   The main difference between the two are the what it contains.   Refined white sugar has an excess of calories with very little nutritional value.   On the other had, honey is much sweeter then sugar, with just as much calories, but has added nutritional values.   Honey is one of the few foods that has a small amount of every trace [cheap hangover helper online] element found in foods. It can be used in cooking, drinks, smoothies, and shakes as an alternative to refined white sugar. Stevia Stevia being approximately 200 times sweeter then refined white sugar, has no calories and does not have the unwanted side effects like many artificial sweeteners.   It is available in both liquid and powder form and can be used as an alternative for cooking or beverages. Cheap hangover helper online   stevia is a safe alternative to refined sugars for diabetics cheap hangover helper online, because of the mild effect on blood sugar levels, unlike other artificial sweeteners. Maple Syrup Maple syrup comes from tree sap that is boiled down to remove excess liquid to concentrate the syrup to get that more pronounced flavor.   Not just for pancakes, but can be used in many different cooking aspects, it is approximately twice as sweet as refined sugar and known for is golden color and thick caramel flavor. For those of you who are trying to lose weight or who must monitor and control the amount of sugar intake due to diabetes or other health issues, natural sweeteners are available. Knowing the alternatives and what type of sweetener works best with each food will provide you the desired flavor in achieving the right taste.

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