Simple Steps anyone can take to Bring More Happiness into Their Life.



  • Eat Good-Mood Foods


  • Step Into the Sunlight


  • De-clutter Your Mind


  • Limit your time spent on Social Media


  • Make Time for Yourself by Saying No


  • Don’t Talk Bad about Others


  • Don’t worry Be Happy!



  • Say Sorry


  • Listen to Music


  • Practice Gratitude


  • Give and Get Hugs

Avoid and Remove Teeth Stains Naturally

Avoid and Remove Teeth Stains Naturally

Everyone wants pearly whites and lets not forget dental hygiene is an important part of keeping healthy.

Want your chompers whiter?


Try these tips and see if you see an improvement:

  • Drink water in between coffee and tea drinks

  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice Paste

  • Eat More Strawberries

  • Drink with a straw



Cayenne Pepper not just for the Kitchen – Part One: Helps Hair Growth and Speeds up your Metabolism

Cayenne is a popular spice in a variety of cuisines. It is employed variously in its fresh form, dried and powdered, and as dried flakes. You can find it at your local farmers market, grocery store or online.

My local Walmart now even carries an organic version. Wild Oats Marketplace USDA Organic Cayenne Pepper


It is also used as a key ingredient in a variety of hot sauces, particularly those employing vinegar as a preservative.

Cayenne pepper is often spread on sandwiches, sprinkled a top of food to add a spicy flavor. Buffalo wing sauce often contains cayenne and even some energy drinks have it as an ingredient too. I have some friends who use it on and in everything food related because the spicy flavor it magic to their taste buds, they even like it in a cup of hot cocoa! (Look for that Cayenne Pepper Hot Cocoa recipe this winter in a future part of this series.)

Talk about spicing things up!


Cayenne Pepper Helps In Hair Growth:

Getting a little thin?

Have you tired all those nasty chemical ridden products that promise to help with that baldness?

Have you ever thought about Cayenne Pepper?

Maybe you’ve heard about it? Maybe you haven’t?

If you have please leave a comment sharing the details of your experience, when you share it helps others who read too.

They say one of the main reasons for baldness is due to reduction in the circulation of blood. Cayenne pepper when applied on the scalp increases the circulation of blood by causing irritation in the scalp, but remember any irritation would be for a good cause.

Try it and let us know how it goes!

Cayenne Pepper is not just a pepper, I promise this awesome pepper has a whole lot going for it. Below I have included a small snippet with some nutrition information from

(Nutrition information from:

“Cayenne pepper, by weight, is relatively high in vitamin A. It also contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium, and manganese.[6] However, given the very small amount of cayenne pepper typically consumed in a serving, it makes a negligible contribution to overall dietary intake of these nutrients.

Cayenne pepper consumption dilates the blood vessels and speeds the metabolism due to the high amounts of capsaicin. With the consumption of cayenne peppers, the amount of heat the human body puts off is influenced. In animal studies, capsaicin has the ability to boost metabolism, which in turn causes weight loss. This increases circulation and blood flow to all major organs which facilitates oxygen and nutrient delivery. Cayenne pepper may support a healthy energy balance[7] while suppressing appetite. Capsaicin has been shown to increase energy expenditure, so acts as a metabolism booster and is beneficial in long-term weight loss.[8] A correlation has been shown between substrate oxidation and capsaicin. Capsaicin treatment sustained fat oxidation during weight maintenance, but did not affect on weight regain after modest weight loss. [9]

In a low-concentration cream applied to the skin, capsaicin has no meaningful effect in helping relieve neuropathic pain; rather, it causes skin irritation.[10]

Cayenne pepper is also claimed to be an aphrodisiac because it contains capsaicin. It has also been shown to aid in the oxidation of adipose tissue,[11] regulate high blood pressure, promote healthy liver function and tissue production, help regulate the digestive system, and promote healthy mucus production in the membranes that line internal organs.”

Nutrition information from:



After babies, after weight gain and loss and just plain getting older brings slower metabolism.

But guess what? That’s right Cayenne Pepper can help!

Cayenne Pepper Speeds Up Metabolism:

Cayenne pepper can speed up your metabolism.

Which also means you have the benefit of losing weight.

Time to start including some cayenne pepper in your meals.


If you have and you’ve seen results, comment and share with other readers on how you add a little spice to your life!

See, Cayenne pepper is an amazing pepper isn’t it?

I told ya so!

I mean it’s got me so excited, I have a series of posts I will be sharing on the benefits of cayenne pepper for food, beauty and health!

Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly

Petroleum jelly is really toxic to our skin but ages ago your Mom probably learned from her Mama that Vaseline was good for makeup remover, dry skin and the list goes on. It’s been around for 100+ years but their are some major concerns with impurities in the manufacturing process. Petrolatum is found in crude oil and its by-products.

 A little background on Vaseline:

n 1859 a 22-year-old chemist from Brooklyn, NY named Robert Augustus Chesebrough went to Pennsylvania to investigate an oil well. Oil was a burgeoning industry and Chesebrough hoped to profit from it.

While investigating the site, Chesebrough observed that oil workers would smear this white gooey residue (that they called “rod wax”) from the drills onto burns and cuts on their skin and it appeared to aid in the healing process. Chesebrough took samples back to New York and began experimenting with the substance until he was able to extract what would become petroleum jelly.

In 1870 he began marketing his Vaseline product. He marketed it as an oiling product for leather, a lubricant, and for medicinal uses for chapped skin, blisters, burns, sunburns, cuts and for keeping wounds clean by sealing them off. He even marketed petroleum jelly as an aid for rheumatism and as hair pomade (Vaseline Pomade). In the past women used it to beautify the complexion (Vaseline Cold Cream) and on eyebrows and eyelashes believing it would help them grow. (Today some dermatologists suggest that women allergic to mascara use petroleum jelly on lashes to make them appear thicker and longer.) Within ten years Vaseline was in nearly every household.

More here.

The healthy alternative Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly



  • Made with beeswax, moisture rich coconut oil and soothing, protective vitamin E
  • Non-petroleum jelly is perfect as an all-over body moisturizer to soothe skin and protect against irritation
  • Plant-based moisturizer is perfect for dry, itchy skin
  • 100% vegetarian and no animal testing
  • All natural with no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or artificial colors

Castor oil, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Castorwax, Soybean Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate and Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Use daily to: – Moisturize and soothe dry skin – Prevent chafing and windburn – Gently remove eye make-up – Help protect baby from diaper rash

Since 1979, Alba Botanica has offered natural, 100% vegetarian personal care products that do beautiful for you, your friends and the animals and Earth you love. This means we DON’T use parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. We make a full range of products packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair. Because the Alba Botanica is committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, we never test our products, or the ingredients that go into them, on animals. We recognize the need to be good stewards of all natural resources. So we try to do beautiful by reducing our environmental impact in everything we do as a business, from the field to the final product. We hope that you join our do beautiful campaign. Together we can help to preserve and heal the planet, now and for future generations.

The overnight results I have seen in using this amazing product on dry cracked feet, dry spots on the face, lips and body, makeup up remover and so many other benefits it’s been a regular household staple for years now.

Tell your Mom, grandmother and all the ladies you know!

Let’s keep our skin looking young!

Help Cure And Soothe Your Sunburn With Vinegar

For most of us, there has been many times we have been out enjoying the warmer weather and have been exposed to too much sun.  Whether it be a day out on the beach or a day at the park, there are times when it seems difficult to avoid the inevitable sunburn.

Although there are many products that you can use to block sun exposure to avoid the painful effects of you outdoors adventure, most of these products are full of harmful ingredients.  Some of which have been known to cause the very thing your trying to vinegar1avoid, cancer.

But there is something you use to soothe your pain and help treat that unwanted painful redness, and that is vinegar.  Yes, that’s right, vinegar.  Whether it apple cider or white distilled, vinegar can heal a sunburn in no time.  One person says that before bedtime she applied regular vinegar to the exposed areas and woke with “no redness, no itching, no tingling” and also said ” . . . immediately takes all the pain out of your sunburn.”

Why is vinegar so effective while dealing with sun exposure?  According to Bonnie K. McMillen, R.N., B.S.N., college health nurse at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, “Vinegar has antiseptic properties that can kill germs and relieve pain.”

It works by balancing your skins acid and alkalinity levels, which helps with the healing process.  Its strange to think that this common kitchen ingredient would be so effective, but its true.  Not only having healing powers for sunburn, vinegar can also be an effective way to cure acne.  Diluting the vinegar with water an applying it to your face will keep excess oils at bay.

Strange? Yes.  Effective? Definitely.  Next time your in pain and have reddened skin from the sun, take a trip to your kith and see for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.

Fight Off Body Odor With Vegetables And Fruit

Nobody likes bad body odor.  Most of us go to any lengths to try and cover it up with creams, lotions, deodorants and perfumes.  But what most of us fail to realize is that most of the products we are using to cover up the bad smells are actually impacting our body in a negative way.  Majority of the popular brands to “deodorize” us contain an aluminum base and paraben.  Research has shown that absorption through the skin of such substances plays a role in an elevated Alzheimer’s risk and may also lead to a higher risk of breast cancer.bo2

One key area of focus involves choline, a nutrient that Oregon State University researchers identified as an “unpleasant odor-producing culprit”. Diets low in choline can help reduce bad body odor.

Vegetables are low in this nutrient overall, however, the ones with lowest choline have been identified as raw cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale and carrots.  While fruits with low choline levels include pears, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and bananas.

Also, fresh citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are considered especially effective in fighting body odor. A New York City dermatologist and internist has said that “the acids in citrus fruits help flush water through your body. And because citrus also contains fiber, they move through your system slowly and flush out toxins that contribute to body odors.”

Another study showed that people with a no red meat diet had a significantly lower body odor and was deemed more pleasant a smell.


Sources for this article:


5 Natural Antibiotics You Don’t Need to Get From A Doctor

There are 5 perfectly safe, natural, and effective antibiotics you can take for infections that don’t require a prescription.  Antibiotics being the most overly prescribed “medicine” out on the market, is in many ways harmful to your body.  It has destructive effects to your natural immunity and digestive system.  Instead, try a more natural route that is just, if not more effective.  Time to ditch the “medicine” drugs and go natural.honlemgar


Garlic possesses a natural potency in antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties and has been used medicinally by cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is able to help protect and facilitate removal of unwanted bacteria in the body.

Allicin, the effective ingredient in garlic, is responsible to killing off the potentially harmful bacteria. In order to activate its antibiotic properties, garlic must be eaten raw, in warm tea, or in lightly cooked food.


Traditionally, echinacea has been used for hundreds of years for treating a wide variety of infections.  Many times, it has been known to treat open wounds, diphtheria, blood poisoning, and other bacterial related illnesses.

Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano has antiviral, antifungal, and attacks pathogenic bacteria in your system without killing off valuable bacteria.  The key antimicrobial ingredient in oil of oregano is carvacrol. Make sure that your source is at least 70 percent carvacrol content, this will ensure to be more effective.

Manuka honey

One of the more better tasting antibiotics, manuka honey can be used for a wide range of pathogens when applied topically, including flesh eating bacteria and MRSA.  Unlike with hospital medications, there has been no trace to building a tolerance when using manuka honey in treating bacteria infections.

Collidal silver

Colloidal silver has been known as an effective antibiotic for centuries now. In the early 1900s, Alfred Searle, the founder of the Searle pharmaceutical company, discovered that it could kill some of the most deadly of pathogens. The main advantage was that it was rapidly fatal to microbes without any harmful affect on the person taking it.

Recent research has shown that colloidal silver can actually destroy antibiotic resistant microbes like MRSA, the bird flu, and SARS.


Other natural and powerful antibiotics to consider include: reishi, pau d’arco, una de gato, olive leaf extract, cloves, turmeric, and even lemons.



4 Ways to Help Heal Hypothyroidism

In order to help cure any disease or health disorder, you need to create an optimal hormone balance in your body.  Fully functional hormones will increase your energy, improve sleep habits, reduce over active anxiety, improve brain function, and many more.  Lets take a look at some simple steps to help cure hypothyroidism.hypothyroidism2

Foods that you should eat

One of the most common deficiencies that someone with hypothyroidism suffers from is lack of iodine.  Initially, recommendations were to add more table salt to your diet.  Unfortunately, iodine has a short shelf life and table salt is heavily processed, often containing many chemical residues in the process.

The best way to get a safe intake of iodine is to increase the amount of iodine rich foods to your diet.  This will allow you to get the proper absorption of iodine and other nutrients into your system.

Examples below:

  • Seaweed (kelp, dulse, nori)
  • Cranberries
  • Navy beans
  • Eggs
  • Himalayan crystal salt
  • Potatoes
  • Black strap molasses
  • Apple cider vinegar

Foods to stay away from

There are also food that you should stay away from if you have hypothyroidism.  Food that contain goitrogens.  Goitrogens are naturally occurring anti-nutrients in certain foods that interfere with production of thyroid hormones.

Examples below:

  • Unfermented soy products
  • Corn
  • Raw broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, and turnips
  • Mustard, millet, pine nuts, peanuts, almonds
  • Canola oil
  • Peaches and strawberries

It is also a good idea to stay away from conventional dairy products, processed foods, gluten, artificial sugars, caffeine, and alcohol.

Avoid radiation contact

The world today makes it increasingly difficult to avoid radiation. Whether it is EMFs from wifi signals, cell phones, TVs, computers, microwaves, and medical imaging. Radiation is a constant threat to everyone, especially those with thyroid problems.

To avoid and minimize radiation, consider the following:

  • Limit exposure to common electronic devices such as cell phones and computers
  • For devices that will continue to be used, consider technologies that neutralize their radiation
  • When plausible, practice earthing (bare skin touching the earth’s surface such as feet) or use grounding technology
  • Consume iodine rich foods that allow radioactive iodine to pass through the body, leaving it unharmed.

Avoid xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are man-made estrogen mimicking molecules that are significant hormone disruptors. These chemicals and disruptors cause imbalances that eventually can cause thyroid related disorders such as hypothyroidism.

Examples of xenoestrogens:

  • Plastic containers
  • Lining of canned food
  • Styrofoam cups and containers
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Non-organic meat and dairy

Although it would be nearly impossible to avoid or rid yourself of everything listed above, it is important to know the things you should stay away from while suffering from hypothyroidism.  Taking the proper steps in the right direction can significantly reduce further health complications and possible cure the ones you are experiencing now.

Warning Signs That You Are Zinc Deficient

Zinc is an essential mineral within the human body, that serves many important roles. Some of the more important roles it plays in human health are its contributions to immune function, wound healing, skin health, sexual health and sensory functions.znc

Some questions that you can ask yourself to assess if your body lacks zinc: Are your wounds slow to heal? Is your immunity impaired? Are you more frequently affected by colds and flu? Are you also more prone to other types of infections? Do you have poor sexual health? Are your senses of taste and smell somewhat impaired?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you could be suffering from zinc deficiency in your body.

Zinc is found in every cell in the human body and is a part of over 200 enzymes. This mineral is also important for the proper action of many bodily hormones, including growth hormone, sex hormones, thymic hormones and insulin. Zinc is also needed for protein synthesis and cell growth, and it helps fight free radical formation in the body. It even plays a part in chemical detoxification.

Other possible warning signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency:

  • growth retardation
  • fatigue
  • poor appetite
  • malabsorption
  • sleep issues
  • behavioral and psychiatric issues
  • oversensitivity to environmental toxins
  • poor vision at night or with low lighting
  • skin lesions and skin issues, including eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • white spots on the fingernails; the nails could be thin and could peel
  • impaired senses of smell and taste
  • hair loss
  • poor memory
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • connective tissue disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • white coating on the tongue
  • bad breath
  • ulcers in the mouth
  • poor glucose tolerance
  • delayed sexual maturation
  • infertility
  • males could have low sperm count, reduced testosterone levels or impotence
  • males could also have prostate issues or testicular atrophy
  • females could have menstrual issues

One good way to boost the levels of zinc in one’s body is to consume more zinc-rich foods.

Top 10 Zinc rich foods:

#1: Seafood (Cooked Oysters)
#2: Beef and Lamb (Cooked Lean Beef Shortribs)
#3: Wheat Germ (Toasted)
#4: Spinach
#5: Pumpkin and Squash Seeds
#6: Nuts (Cashews)
#7: Cocoa and Chocolate (Cocoa Powder)
#8: Pork & Chicken (Cooked Lean Pork Shoulder)
#9: Beans (Cooked Mung Beans)
#10: Mushrooms (Cooked White Mushrooms)

Natural Ways to Fight Off Heartburn

Heartburn is a common condition of acid reflux, in fact over 60 million Americans alone have complained about having symptoms of heartburn each week.  This happens when stomach acid is mixed partially with digested foods or liquids.  In turn, causing irritation in the throat or esophagus.  Surprisingly, heartburn has nothing to do with the actual heart of a person.hb2

Although there are medicines that can help fight the syptoms causeed by heartburn, there are many natural ways that can work just as well.  Lets take a look at a few options.

Chewing gum

WHile chewing gum your body produces more saliva then normal.  The alkali in your saliva will help neutalize the acids in foods that trigger heartburn.  This will in turn prevent those unwanted symptoms of heartburn.

A glass of water

Drnking water will increase the pH level in your body.  A recent Greek study have shown patients that drink a glass of water during cases of heartburn have had much quicker relief then without.

Deep breathing

Although deep breathing has always been a way to relieve stress, it is am effective way to help combat heartburn.  While breathing in deep breaths, you have a less chance of swalloing air.  It can help strengthen muscles in the lower esophagus which will also prevent more frequent occurences of acid reflux.

Change up your diet

By avoiding food and beverages that are known to trigger heartburn is an effective way to stop the symptoms before they start.  Some of the more common foods and drinks can include but are not limited to:  meat, coffee, chocolate, dairy products, acidic foods, spicy foods and soft drinks.

Fatty foods though have been seen to have negative effects and can increase the likelihood of heartburn.
Making simple changes in daily lifestyle, such as eating, sleeping and breathing hbits, can help prevent the occurrence of heartburn.