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You are what you eat.

And we love eating and drinking healthy, we always like to know about new and old food and drink items from our friends who are health food junkies like us. We thought it would be fun to share our Health Junk food hauls with you. Snap a couple of pictures and let you know about some of our goodies and why we think they are so great! Enjoy!

Organic Oranges, Onions, Apples and Avocados of course! 🙂

What else?


I love Chia seeds so drinking them is not a problem for me.

Organic and Non-GMO Verified

Taste the Magic of MammaChia, seed your soul. Oh yeah! It’s so yummy and it makes being health-conscious enjoyable!

  • 2500 mg Omega-3
  • Excellent source of fiber
  • powerful antioxidants
  • 4g Complete Protein
  • 95 mg Calcium
  • Gluten-Free & Vegan

ALL in one bottle of goodness! They have 9 flavors but I’ve only tried the 3 above. They were all delicious but I think Cherry Lime is my favorite at the moment. Those with a texture issue may find it a bit strange to drink with the little balls but I think it makes it fun to drink!


Blueberry Blast Liquid Acidophilus Probiotic

This probiotic has done wonders for me over the last few years. It must be kept in the fridge after it’s been opened. It’s easy on the tummy and after suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) this probiotic has helped with my tummy issues.

Nature’s Life® Blueberry Blast Probiotic features our special blend of 9 live fermented, non-filtered and non-centrifuged active cultures as follows:
Lactobacillus acidophilus (3 strains)
Lactobcillus bulgaricus
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Lactobacillus thermophilus
Bifodobacterium lactis
Bifidobacterium infantis
BILLIONS OF LIVE CELLS. At time of manufacture, each tablespoon serving contains billions of friendly organisms to help support healthy digestion and immune function.
Nature’s Life® Blueberry Blast Probiotic is ALL NATURAL and has a smooth and delicious taste. Our unique mixture of acidophlus strains is cultured in dairy-free, non-GMO soy protein isolate. Blueberry Blast’s formula contains NO milk, NO dairy, NO yeast, NO corn, NO wheat, NO glutan, NO rice, NO di-calcium phosphate, NO wax preservatives, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial fillers and NO animal-by-products.
This is a natural product and amounts vary from lot to lot. However, a typical Amino Acid Profile for one serving is:
Alanine 20mg
Arginine 30 mg
Aspartic 40 mg
Cystine 0 mg
Glutamine 70 mg
Glycine 20 mg
Histidine 10 mg
Isoleucine 20 mg
Leucine 30 mg
Lysine 20 mg
Methionine 0 mg
Phenylalanine 20 mg
Proline 20 mg
Serine 20 mg
Threonine 10 mg
Tryptophan 0 mg
Tyrosine 10 mg
Valine 20 mg


Nature’s Life®’s Blueberry Blast Liquid Acidophilus supports healthy digestion, robust immune system and easier weight management and many other benefits associated with a healthy digestive system.
Blueberry Blast liquid Acidophilus Probiotic:
Has 9 Potent Strains of Probiotics
Gives Billions of Live Cells per Serving at Time of Manufacture
Gives 32 Servings Per Bottle, Has a Smooth and Delicious Taste
Is Milk Free
Has an All Natural Formula
Offers a Full Amino Acid Profile

They have a few flavors and I’ve tired a few of them but I always like the flavor of the Blueberry Blast.




Enlightened Kombucha

I have loved their Kombucha for years and I love their story too.

With a unique blend of proprietary probiotics and powerful antioxidants, each bottle is designed to nourish your body from the inside out.


Yogi Teas are awesome and I love all kinds of teas for all kinds of reasons, brands, flavors, health benefits ect.  I highly recommend the Honey Lavender Stress Relief works well and tastes great.

Yogi has a cool page on their website that allows you to find your perfect tea depending on the flavors you enjoy and the benefits you are wanting to get out of your cup of tea.

You can check it out here.

Well that’s it for this Health Junk haul. What kinds of health goodies have your purchase lately?

Have any to share? Let us know by email or in the comments.

*We have not been paid or given these products. We purchased all products and items on our own and these are our own opinions posted.

Simple Steps anyone can take to Bring More Happiness into Their Life.



  • Eat Good-Mood Foods


  • Step Into the Sunlight


  • De-clutter Your Mind


  • Limit your time spent on Social Media


  • Make Time for Yourself by Saying No


  • Don’t Talk Bad about Others


  • Don’t worry Be Happy!



  • Say Sorry


  • Listen to Music


  • Practice Gratitude


  • Give and Get Hugs

10 Day Acai Berry Cleanse

I did it! and it did just what I figured it would… it cleaned me out!

I feel happier, healthier, cleaner and lighter.

I highly recommend  a cleanse here and there.

They don’t need to be expensive and they don’t have to last a long time. This one was only 10 days. Even if you don’t really care about being a health junk junkie haha you can and would benefit from a cleanse once in a while. It helps clean you out, you skin becomes clear and you feel more energized. Try it if you haven’t and you will see for yourself the many benefits of doing a cleanse.

I am not indorsing this product and I am not being paid to promote it. Just wanted to let everyone know I did a cleanse for 10 days, it was easy, 2 pills a day, it was fast, powerful and gentle just like the bottle says, it was inexpensive 12 bucks for a bottle of 40 pills. The pills weren’t gigantic and hard to swallow and had literally no taste but I think the main thing for me was that it was GENTLE no stomach cramps or tummy aches while I took it.


What cleanses have you done?

I have done my fair share and this one was pretty easy. I plan on sharing my experience in the future with other cleanses I have done. Like, Juice fasting, the master cleanse lemonade detox, cleanse smart, Coconut Oil cleanse, Apple Cider Vinegar,  2 day, 5 day, 10 day, 30+ day cleanses, iconic foot detox and so forth.

So, please stay tuned for that!


Made with Love: High Blood Pressure Care Package

highbloodpressureCARE Package: A generic term for a parcel of food or supplies sent for relief or comfort purposes.

This one was made and packaged with love for my Grandmother who has High Blood Pressure.

She doesn’t get out shopping much and even with grocery shopping it can be hard, she’s older and she’s stuck in her old ways. She doesn’t realize that organic is better…well because in her time they didn’t have such a thing as going to the local market and it having a “organic section” because it was all organic then, right? I didn’t buy all organic and I don’t even know if this was all GMO free but my goal here was to find items that I knew she could find where she lives and at stores she can easily access since her trips to the store are limited.

Whats included in this Health CARE package:

  • Dried fruit raisins, blueberries, cherries, banana chips and apricots.

  • Dark Chocolate candy bars

  • Stevia in the Raw

  • Homemade trail mix with dried fruit and nuts

  • Low Sodium snacks like Fruit, nut and seed bars

  • Unsalted air popped pop corn

  • Fig bars

  • Unsalted Sunflower seeds

  • A hula dancer for a good laugh!

  • Buddhist Boot Camp By: Timber Hawkeye – Inspirational and good for the heart!

  • Homemade with organic ingredients with no sodium banana bread and brownies

  • Pictures and handwritten notes explaining what everything is and it’s benefits to help lower high blood pressure.

  • A homemade binder decorated, scrap-booked and made with love. I found some free blood pressure logs to print off online, Made some pages of what to buy and eat more of, top foods for lowering blood pressure, what to avoid, what to cook with, herbs and recipes, vitamins and what to drink,  Reduce Stress and what to eliminate!

Pictures they speak a million words!


highbloodpressurelog1 highbloodpressurelogbook

Hope you enjoyed this Made with Love: High Blood Pressure Care Package post, thought I would get a tad bit more personal with this one.

Happy CARE Package making!


Another post here on you might want to share with your loved one who has high blood pressure.

Foods to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Music health benefits it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

Playing and listening to music can help you mind, body and soul. Listening to your favorite tunes can instantly put you into a good mood, scientists are now discovering how music can do more for you than just lift your spirits.

Music has healing powers!


How music can help you physically and mentally:

1. Ease and soothe pain.
2. Motivate you to run faster or bike harder.
3. Improves motivation and performance in sports.
4. Increases workout endurance.
5. Speeds up post-workout recovery.
6. Helps people eat less and relax more.
7. Improves your sleep quality.
8. Helps enhance blood vessel function.
9. Reduce stress.
10. Relieve symptoms of depression.
11. Induce a meditative state.
12. Elevate your mood.
13. Improve cognitive performance.
14. Help people perform better in high-pressure situations.
15. Relax patients before surgery.
16. Reduce anxiety as much as massage.
17. Ease stress after surgery.
18. Help cancer patients manage stress and anxiety.
19. Elevate mood while driving.
20. Ease recovery in stroke patients.
21. Helps memory and protects the aging brain.


Man running while listening to music

What kind of music is best for what?


Experts believe any type of classical music such as Mozart or Beethoven can help relieve muscle pain. Calm, slow music is also thought to help.


The best type of music for exercise is thought to be high energy, high tempo music such as hip hop or dance music.


Research shows that people with memory loss respond best to music of their choice.
For more go here.


listening to music

Now a study has found that in fact music can strengthen the heart – and improve the recovery of patients suffering from heart disease.
Cardiologists said the findings suggested that all people could boost the health of their hearts simply by listening to their favourite tunes.
Patients with cardiac disease were divided into three groups. Some were enrolled in exercise classes for three weeks.
Others were put in the same classes, but also told to listen to music of their choice at any point for 30 minutes every day. A third group only listened to music, and did not take cardio-vascular exercise, which is usually prescribed to those with heart disease.
At the end of the trial, the patients who had listened to music as well as exercising had boosted crucial measures of heart function significantly, and improved their exercise capacity by 39 per cent. More here.




Do you listen to music for any of these reasons? If we didn’t list a health benefit of listening to music that you use, leave us a comment and share!



Now that you know the health benefits to listening to music you can update your playlists, go grab tickets to a concert coming soon and enjoy the music!


The Hidden Forms of MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been the center of debate for health concerns for a long time.  The Food and Drug Administration has claimed the product is “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS), but many believe this to be untrue.  Many studies have been devoted to proving the ill effect MSG has on your body.  In fact, MSG has been shown to have neurotoxic effects, although the FDA claims that problems associated with MSG affect only about 2 percent of the population, many health experts say that number is much  higher. In fact, MSG continues to be the root of many health problems for tens of millions of people. msg1
For those that are highly sensitive to the ill affects of MSG, it not as easy or simple as reading the label.  MSG hides behind many names and products that you wouldn’t necessarily catch without knowing.  Because MSG is used in the production or processing of so many products, you can still experience the consequences of MSG even when it’s not specifically listed on the label.

Lets take a look at some of the blinders that cover the identity of monosodium glutamate. is dedicated to monitoring MSG in food products, the following labeling terms indicate that MSG is present:

  • Glutamic acid
  • Hydrolyzed protein of any type
  • Monopotassium glutamate
  • Protein
  • Glutamate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Citric acid

Other products/ingredients that many times include or produce free glutamic acid during the processing phase include:

  • Seasonings
  • Bouillon, broth or stock
  • Any “flavors” or “flavoring,” including so-called natural flavoring
  • Anything “ultra-pasteurized”
  • Pectin
  • Amino acids
  • Maltodextrin
  • Carrageenan
  • Oligodextrin
  • Barley malt, malted barley or malt extract
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Citric acid, Citrate

And keep in mind, MSG may occur naturally in some products, including tomato products and cheeses, more specifically Parmesan cheese. But simply because it occurs naturally doesn’t mean that it’s safe to consume or won’t cause reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

Be aware that protein powders and essentially any food containing hydrolyzed proteins is very likely to contain MSG, and although products labeled “organic” cannot contain MSG as an ingredient, other ingredients used in organic food production may use or create MSG.

Remember, the eye cannot see what the mind doesn’t know, so let us be aware of the different ways alias’ of MSG.


Article sources:

Two Rainforest Herbs With Potential To Kill Cancer

Cancer, or also known as a malignant tumor is one of the leading causes of death in society today.  It was responsible for more then 8.2 million deaths in 2012 alone.  The most common forms being lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

Many cancers can be avoided with a proper diet such as: eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, eating less meat and refined carbohydrates, maintaining a healthy weight.  Also by not smoking, exercising, minimizing direct sunlight exposure.

In some way or another, cancer has affected us all through family, friends, loved ones, acquaintances and so forth.  Many people look for an alternative way to deal with and reverse the effects of cancer.  We should take a closer look at 2 rainforest herbs that can stimulate the proper systems in our body to combat the deadly effects of cancer.

Cat’s Claw

Also known as una de gato, cats’s claw is a large woody vine that grows in the Amazon rainforest, its name comes from its hook-like thorns that grow along the vine and resembles the claws of a cat.catsclaw

Cat’s claw has been used in Peru and Europe since the early 90’s as an adjunctive treatment for cancer, as well as other diseases that target the immune system. It has several groups of plant chemicals that account for its action, the most studied group being oxidole alkaloids, which have been documented to have immune-stimulant and anti-leukemic properties.

Studies show and document that cat’s claw has a positive effect against cancer that includes:

  • Italian researchers reported in a 2001 in vitro study that cat’s claw directly inhibited the growth of a human breast cancer cell line by 90%.
  • Swedish researchers documented that it inhibited the growth of lymphoma and leukemia cells in vitro in 1998.
  • Reports on Keplinger’s observatory trials showed that cancer patients taking cat’s claw in conjunction with traditional therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiation, reported fewer side effects like hair loss, weight loss, nausea and secondary infections.
  • Subsequent researchers have shown that cat’s claw can aid in DNA cellular repair and prevent cells from mutating, and can also help prevent loss of white blood cells and immune cell damage caused by many chemotherapy drugs.

Cat’s claw has also been shown to kill viruses, fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.


Graviola is a small, upright evergreen tree that can grow about 5-6 meters high with large, glossy, dark green leaves.graviola

Chemicals called Annonaceous acetogenins, found in the leaf, stem, bark and fruit seeds, of the graviola have been confirmed by three separate research groups to have significant anti-tumorous properties and selective toxicity against various types of cancer cells (without harming healthy cells), at very low doses.

Studies show and document that graviola has a positive effect against cancer that includes:

  • In 1997, Purdue University published information which found that this novel set of chemicals in graviola not only are effective in killing tumors that have proven resistant to anti-cancer agents but also seem to have an affinity for such resistant cells. This means that those cells with multi-drug resistance (MDR) can effectively be killed by acetogenins, with reports that they preferentially destroyed MDR cells by blocking the transfer of ATP — the chief source of cellular energy — into them.
  • In a 1976 plant-screening program by the National Cancer Institute, graviola leaves and stems showed toxicity against cancer cells, and specific acetogenins have been reported to be selectively toxic in vitro to the following types of tumor cells: lung carcinoma, human breast, prostate adenocarcinoma, pancreatic carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, liver cancer cell lines, human lymphoma and MDR human breast adenocarcinoma.
  • Researchers in Taiwan reported in 2003 that the main graviola acetogenin, annonacin, was highly toxic to ovarian, cervical, breast, bladder, and skin cancer at very low dosages.


Graviola has also been known to kill bacteria, parasites and viruses as well as stimulate digestion and relieve depression.


Overcoming Diabetes and Losing Over 200LBS on Raw Food Diet

Oregon resident Clent Manich was constantly surround with a variety of unhealthy food.  From his workplace to home, he had a regular diet of hot dogs, pizza and soda.  Eventually, his weight began to soar and his health began to decline due to his unhealthy lifestyle.  His weight went up to an alarming 450 pounds, had multiple physical problems due to the weight and was insulin dependent to monitor his blood sugar.rawfood

Manich took a long hard look at himself and where he was headed and decided to make a change.  He lost over 200 pounds in about one year.  Amazingly, going from having 43.7 percent body fat to 17.3 percent body fat.  How did he do it? He switched to a 100% raw food diet.  He estimates that he lost about 7 pounds weekly once he started eating raw foods, dropping an incredible 22 pounds the first month.

“I feel great, my energy level is amazing,” says Manich. “It’s better than when I was a teenager. I get up at five o’clock in the morning and feel like running a marathon.” Aside from his increased energy and confidence, he says that his diabetes symptoms are completely gone. In the past, his waking blood sugar level would be over 128, and now its often in the low-70s.

“I had type 2 diabetes. I have now cured my diabetes . . .” Manich explains, adding that he typically eats more vegetables than fruit. He enjoys a ” . . . wide variety of raw veggies, such as celery sticks, baby carrots, asparagus, sweet peppers, zucchini, broccoli, or any raw veggies” and says that when he craves sweet foods, he’ll eat a peach or a banana, although he tends to consume fruit “in moderation.”

In conclusion Manich says, “I’m never going to eat cooked food again.”

4 Ways to Help Heal Hypothyroidism

In order to help cure any disease or health disorder, you need to create an optimal hormone balance in your body.  Fully functional hormones will increase your energy, improve sleep habits, reduce over active anxiety, improve brain function, and many more.  Lets take a look at some simple steps to help cure hypothyroidism.hypothyroidism2

Foods that you should eat

One of the most common deficiencies that someone with hypothyroidism suffers from is lack of iodine.  Initially, recommendations were to add more table salt to your diet.  Unfortunately, iodine has a short shelf life and table salt is heavily processed, often containing many chemical residues in the process.

The best way to get a safe intake of iodine is to increase the amount of iodine rich foods to your diet.  This will allow you to get the proper absorption of iodine and other nutrients into your system.

Examples below:

  • Seaweed (kelp, dulse, nori)
  • Cranberries
  • Navy beans
  • Eggs
  • Himalayan crystal salt
  • Potatoes
  • Black strap molasses
  • Apple cider vinegar

Foods to stay away from

There are also food that you should stay away from if you have hypothyroidism.  Food that contain goitrogens.  Goitrogens are naturally occurring anti-nutrients in certain foods that interfere with production of thyroid hormones.

Examples below:

  • Unfermented soy products
  • Corn
  • Raw broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, and turnips
  • Mustard, millet, pine nuts, peanuts, almonds
  • Canola oil
  • Peaches and strawberries

It is also a good idea to stay away from conventional dairy products, processed foods, gluten, artificial sugars, caffeine, and alcohol.

Avoid radiation contact

The world today makes it increasingly difficult to avoid radiation. Whether it is EMFs from wifi signals, cell phones, TVs, computers, microwaves, and medical imaging. Radiation is a constant threat to everyone, especially those with thyroid problems.

To avoid and minimize radiation, consider the following:

  • Limit exposure to common electronic devices such as cell phones and computers
  • For devices that will continue to be used, consider technologies that neutralize their radiation
  • When plausible, practice earthing (bare skin touching the earth’s surface such as feet) or use grounding technology
  • Consume iodine rich foods that allow radioactive iodine to pass through the body, leaving it unharmed.

Avoid xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are man-made estrogen mimicking molecules that are significant hormone disruptors. These chemicals and disruptors cause imbalances that eventually can cause thyroid related disorders such as hypothyroidism.

Examples of xenoestrogens:

  • Plastic containers
  • Lining of canned food
  • Styrofoam cups and containers
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Non-organic meat and dairy

Although it would be nearly impossible to avoid or rid yourself of everything listed above, it is important to know the things you should stay away from while suffering from hypothyroidism.  Taking the proper steps in the right direction can significantly reduce further health complications and possible cure the ones you are experiencing now.