Sunburst Foods order and product review

Our first order with Sunburst Foods  was a little over a year ago and we’ve order several times since. Or first order with them we tried their one pound of organic raw carob powder and one pound of organic dried chia seeds.  If the Sunburst foods slogan “Superfoods Bursting with Life” isn’t enough to peek your interest,  all the amazing products they carry will. They have an awesome variety and their website has categories like –  Superfood powers, super greens, super blends, sprout powders, super juices, nut butters, super meals, energy bars, super vitamins, seeds and berries, cacao and protein. Now tell me after reading a menu like that one, you don’t want to  buy and try every super food they offer!


Their website is super easy to navigate and they state on their site that they strive to offer organic, raw, non-GMO, and vegan Superfoods, dried at low temperatures, to supply you with a bounty of vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients for super health. They are dedicated to finding the highest quality Superfoods available.

They give a very detailed and complete description of all products such as the Botanical Name, Other names the superfood might go by, Possible Benefits, Country of Origin, Storage Instructions etc. They even list quick highlights of the products like:

Product Highlights

  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • 100% pure
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in protein
  • High in Omega-3’s
  • High in fiber

As you can tell I was highly impressed with their website and it’s details.

Another super cool thing is they offer  organic, raw, 100% pure, non-GMO, and vegan Superfoods that are dried at low temperatures and lab-tested. You can read more on their quality assurance here.

Ordering was a breeze, their prices are good and I like being able to order in bulk if needed. The shipping isn’t a make it or break it deal for me but they do offer FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99 All other orders only $5.99. So that was a plus.

My orders always arrive quickly and the product is fresh and I am always pleased.

Since our first order we have tried several of their products such as – Organic Raw Cracked-Cell Chlorella Powder, Organic Raw Extra Large Goji Berries and more!

*WE WERE GIVEN NOTHING FROM SUNBURST SUPERFOODS FOR THIS REVIEW. We have continued to purchase from this company because they have delivered amazing superfoods and our experience has been flawless.

A ORGANIC Happy Healthy Holiday Meal

a happy health yholiday meal

Why a Organic holiday meal?

Because every meal should be organic, every meal should taste that good!


From this:


To this:




 Organic brands and food items we used at our Thanksgiving dinner!




This meal is normally quite the mix on the gut and it can leave you feeling bloated, stuffed and feeling yucky.

Have you ever wonder why that is?

Not this meal! Organic makes a big difference because it’s real ingredients.

Think about it…everyone else using the “normal” brands like a butterball turkey and stove-top stuffing. All un-organic food items are full of chemicals like hydrogenated oils, high fructose, MSG and a whole lot of garbage and that creates a upset bloated tummy that can’t digest those chemicals and artificial ingredients.

I know you can make everything from scratch and if it comes from your own garden it can be organic, I purposely wanted to make a easy organic dinner to show our reads that it can be easy and it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to have a organic holiday dinner.

Try these products for a easy organic holiday meal the next time you gather and you will find yourself having a happy healthy holiday!

* We were not paid or given anything for our opinions on these brands and products. They were all purchased with our own money.

BUYING HEALTHY AT COSTCO Part 2 – 4lbs of Organic truRoots Quinoa

4lbs of Organic truRoots Quinoa from Costco


What is Quinoa?

Where does it come from?

When I saw my local Costco carried this large of a bag of Quinoa I was in heaven. Let me tell you why, I use this stuff all the time. It’s fluffy, tasty and quick!  It’s great for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking that big extravagant meal. Want to eat well but need to make it quick? There are all kinds of quick one dish dinners, eat it hot or cold, I recently just made my son’s chocolate birthday cake with quinoa too! How cool is that?! And let me not forget to say it was a hit! an absolute hit, no one had a clue and everyone at the party thought it was a delish cake! (I hope to share photos and the recipe in a later blog post, so look out for that.)

Why Quinoa rocks my socks:

  • Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat.

  • Quinoa contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains.

  • Quinoa contains Iron.

  • Quinoa contains lysine.

  • Quinoa is rich in magnesium.

  • Quinoa is high in Riboflavin (B2).

  • Quinoa has a high content of manganese.

Forbes even called it the “The Supergrain Of The Future”


If you have a great recipe to share on how you make Quinoa at home, submit it I would love to give it a try.


For more other posts on buying healthy at Costco:

BUYING HEALTHY AT COSTCO Part 1 – 3lbs of Organic Dole Bananas



Health Junk Food Haul – Nature’s Pantry Market



You are what you eat.

And we love eating and drinking healthy, we always like to know about new and old food and drink items from our friends who are health food junkies like us. We thought it would be fun to share our Health Junk food hauls with you. Snap a couple of pictures and let you know about some of our goodies and why we think they are so great! Enjoy!

Organic Oranges, Onions, Apples and Avocados of course! 🙂

What else?


I love Chia seeds so drinking them is not a problem for me.

Organic and Non-GMO Verified

Taste the Magic of MammaChia, seed your soul. Oh yeah! It’s so yummy and it makes being health-conscious enjoyable!

  • 2500 mg Omega-3
  • Excellent source of fiber
  • powerful antioxidants
  • 4g Complete Protein
  • 95 mg Calcium
  • Gluten-Free & Vegan

ALL in one bottle of goodness! They have 9 flavors but I’ve only tried the 3 above. They were all delicious but I think Cherry Lime is my favorite at the moment. Those with a texture issue may find it a bit strange to drink with the little balls but I think it makes it fun to drink!


Blueberry Blast Liquid Acidophilus Probiotic

This probiotic has done wonders for me over the last few years. It must be kept in the fridge after it’s been opened. It’s easy on the tummy and after suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) this probiotic has helped with my tummy issues.

Nature’s Life® Blueberry Blast Probiotic features our special blend of 9 live fermented, non-filtered and non-centrifuged active cultures as follows:
Lactobacillus acidophilus (3 strains)
Lactobcillus bulgaricus
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium bifidum
Lactobacillus thermophilus
Bifodobacterium lactis
Bifidobacterium infantis
BILLIONS OF LIVE CELLS. At time of manufacture, each tablespoon serving contains billions of friendly organisms to help support healthy digestion and immune function.
Nature’s Life® Blueberry Blast Probiotic is ALL NATURAL and has a smooth and delicious taste. Our unique mixture of acidophlus strains is cultured in dairy-free, non-GMO soy protein isolate. Blueberry Blast’s formula contains NO milk, NO dairy, NO yeast, NO corn, NO wheat, NO glutan, NO rice, NO di-calcium phosphate, NO wax preservatives, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial fillers and NO animal-by-products.
This is a natural product and amounts vary from lot to lot. However, a typical Amino Acid Profile for one serving is:
Alanine 20mg
Arginine 30 mg
Aspartic 40 mg
Cystine 0 mg
Glutamine 70 mg
Glycine 20 mg
Histidine 10 mg
Isoleucine 20 mg
Leucine 30 mg
Lysine 20 mg
Methionine 0 mg
Phenylalanine 20 mg
Proline 20 mg
Serine 20 mg
Threonine 10 mg
Tryptophan 0 mg
Tyrosine 10 mg
Valine 20 mg


Nature’s Life®’s Blueberry Blast Liquid Acidophilus supports healthy digestion, robust immune system and easier weight management and many other benefits associated with a healthy digestive system.
Blueberry Blast liquid Acidophilus Probiotic:
Has 9 Potent Strains of Probiotics
Gives Billions of Live Cells per Serving at Time of Manufacture
Gives 32 Servings Per Bottle, Has a Smooth and Delicious Taste
Is Milk Free
Has an All Natural Formula
Offers a Full Amino Acid Profile

They have a few flavors and I’ve tired a few of them but I always like the flavor of the Blueberry Blast.




Enlightened Kombucha

I have loved their Kombucha for years and I love their story too.

With a unique blend of proprietary probiotics and powerful antioxidants, each bottle is designed to nourish your body from the inside out.


Yogi Teas are awesome and I love all kinds of teas for all kinds of reasons, brands, flavors, health benefits ect.  I highly recommend the Honey Lavender Stress Relief works well and tastes great.

Yogi has a cool page on their website that allows you to find your perfect tea depending on the flavors you enjoy and the benefits you are wanting to get out of your cup of tea.

You can check it out here.

Well that’s it for this Health Junk haul. What kinds of health goodies have your purchase lately?

Have any to share? Let us know by email or in the comments.

*We have not been paid or given these products. We purchased all products and items on our own and these are our own opinions posted.

BUYING HEALTHY AT COSTCO Part 1 – 3lbs of Organic Dole Bananas

At Costco for $1.99

The minute you peal the banana you can smell the sweet aroma instantly and the difference in taste and in flavor will make your taste buds go bananas (pun intended) because they really do taste that good.

And every time you take a bite you will be reminded of how food should taste.

Real. Good. Fresh and Satisfying.

Because seriously people why are we not standing up for that taste, that feeling of satisfying food for our bodies?

We need to take responsibility for our health, our families and purchase the organic over the non organic.

It’s worth the price, it’s worth it for a healthy life!

We have that buying power as a consumer to show companies that this is what we want for our children, Organic deliciousness that’s found in these Organic Dole Bananas!


At the website it states that Dole Organic bananas are packed under strict supervision of sanitary regulations. As a consumer it’s good to know they stand by these standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are applied at every packing station on their organic farms. Growers are instructed and receive training to achieve these same standards.

Dole’s Organic Program is at the forefront of organic agriculture. Dole Fresh Fruit International Ltd., sources organic bananas and pineapples from 5 countries in Latin America.

These Dole Organic Bananas are from Colombia and certified organic by the USDA Organic.

100% of Dole’s organic bananas are certified organic and follow the organic production standards as set by the law in the US, Canada, EU, Japan and Korea as well as those applicable in the country of origin.

You can read more at the Dole Organic website –

It’s good to see a big company working hard to protect the environment and not just their big profits.

You can check out their facebook page where they post news, information and photos from the Dole organic banana farms.

Head over to your local health store or Costco and purchase a bundle of Dole Organic Bananas. I promise you’ll go bananas for these bananas! (again, pun intended) Okay, Okay…I’m done making you bananas. *wink*