Fluoride and your health!

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation


This FAN production (one of FAN’s most popular) presents a powerful indictment of the water fluoridation program through interviews with a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council’s landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field.

Communities that Have Rejected Fluoridation Since 2010

You can help by sharing this information and by taking action now!

Take Action

Ending water fluoridation is not a pipe dream. Since 1990, over 300 communities in the United States and Canada — representing millions of people — have rejected water fluoridation schemes. Read below to learn the seven ways you can join this historic movement. Then ask yourself: what role would I like to play?

Just Label It! Here’s why

Over 90% of Americans support FDA mandated labeling of genetically engineered foods. Check out this video to see to stars like, Michael J Fox, Ziggy Marley and 25 others celebrities join the millions to voice their support for GE labeling!

Why is this so important? We have make informed choices as a consumer. We have a right to know about food we eat and feed our families, but under current regulations, we don’t have that ability when it comes to GE foods.

Did you know? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon approve genetically engineered salmon, which would be the first genetically engineered animal on supermarket shelves in the United States. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering a new type of herbicide-resistant corn that will promote the use of more chemicals in our food supply.

Speak out! Check out the Just Label It website and join these celebrities (and millions of people like you) in speaking out for our right to know! www.justlabelit.org

About Just Label It:

JUST LABEL IT is a national coalition of more than 600 diverse organizations dedicated to the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, also referred to as genetically-modified, or GMOs. The Just Label It message is simple: consumers have a right to know about our food so we can make informed choices about what we eat and feed our families.

For more information on polling and consumer support of labeling, visit: http://justlabelit.org/right-to-know/…

What does Organic mean?

So we have covered lots to do with “organic” and we even dedicated a post to “What is Organic?”

We can never talk to much about something good right?

What does organic mean?



To sum it up. It mean’s a whole lot more than most people think. These days not all foods are the same or equal. Knowing what you are buying, knowing what you’re eating and knowing how it affects your body is important.

Make sure your next bite is an organic bite!




Take a stand for Organic Farmers around the World!



Right now an important case is being heard halfway around the world in Western Australia about organic farmer Steve Marsh, whose organic field was contaminated by his neighbor’s genetically engineered canola. As a result, Steve lost his organic certification and as much as 70% of his Steve’s farm has been contaminated with Monsanto’s patented genes.

With clever fine print in their seed contracts, Monsanto is not legally liable for their patented genes contaminating an organic farmer’s field due to their “no liability” agreement farmers are forced to sign when they plant Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

As a result, Steve’s family’s livelihood has been put at risk. He could literally lose everything.

Please stand with organic farmer Steve Marsh to protect the rights of organic farmers everywhere! Every voice counts!

GMO labeling Links – Stay in the loop of GMO’s and labeling GMO’s

We need to know!

We need to care!

So here we have a list to share.

If you want to know more about GMO labeling, what it is, and how it affects you, stay in the loop of GMO’s and the labeling of GMO’s check out these 14 links:

  1. Label GMOS
  2. GMO Action Alliance
  3. GMO Free USA
  4. responsible technology
  5. Non-gmo project
  6. Natural Food Retailers Association
  7. Farm and Ranch Freedom
  8. gmo free CT
  9. Citizens for gmo labeling
  10. Earth Open Source
  11. Green America
  12. Center for Food Safety
  13. Organic Consumers
  14. Food Democracy Now


States are fighting for the right to know!




yes on 37 Because We Have The Right To Know What’s In Our Food! Check out all the great ways you can help, including the great events near you.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/jI31JogDLjM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


COLORADO Residents


yes on 105 Join the grassroots movement. Donate or Volunteer.



OREGON Residents


Yes on 92: we have the right to know what’s inside the food we eat and serve our families. Volunteer or Contribute.



6 Back to School Hygiene Tips for Kids

Getting those kiddos ready for going back to school can be hectic. Shopping for school supplies, new clothes, shoes and backpacks.

What else can we do to help them get ready for school?

As a parent it’s our job to teach our children the basics of good hygiene and health.

Of course the basics of showering, washing hair, brushing teeth, changing clothes are all good things to teach our kids.

Group of kids with thumbs up.

Some helpful tips for back to school hygiene:


  • Wash hands often

  • Avoid sharing food and drinks

  • Choose fresh foods for snacks

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Stay active, exercise boosts your immunity


and we should remind our children often of these things until it sticks like glue. 🙂


Join the BEE Protective Campaign!


Center for Food Safety and Beyond Pesticides have joined forces to launch the BEE Protective Campaign, aimed at protecting honey bees and other pollinators from pesticides. The BEE Protective Campaign gives you the tools to help honey bees and other pollinators right in your own community.

Spread the Word!

Please share our Bee Protective Pledge with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, or email and ask them to join us in protecting our honey bees and other pollinators from harmful pesticides.  http://bit.ly/BeeProtectivePledge 

Simple Steps anyone can take to Bring More Happiness into Their Life.



  • Eat Good-Mood Foods


  • Step Into the Sunlight


  • De-clutter Your Mind


  • Limit your time spent on Social Media


  • Make Time for Yourself by Saying No


  • Don’t Talk Bad about Others


  • Don’t worry Be Happy!



  • Say Sorry


  • Listen to Music


  • Practice Gratitude


  • Give and Get Hugs

9 Food for Thought Films, The Future of Our Food!

Food for thought, something for you to watch.


If you want to know more about our food system and how it affects you, check out some of these videos.





2. The World According to Monsanto







4. The Corporation



5. King Corn

king corn









8. Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives

Genetic Roulette DVD wrap high-res


9. The Future of Food


We’ll start you off with these, trust me we have more under our belt that we will compile into a list for you to add to your watch list. But for now, you will have plenty to keep the food for thoughts coming.


If you have a film to recommend please leave them in our comments.

Stop Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” Crops!


Tell USDA and President Obama to Stop Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” Crops

Over a hundred million additional pounds of toxic pesticides associated with cancers and birth defects are coming to a field near you. UNLESS YOU STOP IT!

“Agent Orange” crops are genetically engineered by Dow Chemical to promote the use of 2,4-D, one of the herbicides in the toxic mixture Vietnam veteran’s know as Agent Orange. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is on the cusp of approval, even though they acknowledge the use of this toxic pesticide will skyrocket.

There is a 30-day public comment period and it MIGHT BE OUR LAST CHANCE to stop this chemical assault – Sign the petition today!