BUYING HEALTHY AT COSTCO Part 1 – 3lbs of Organic Dole Bananas

At Costco for $1.99

The minute you peal the banana you can smell the sweet aroma instantly and the difference in taste and in flavor will make your taste buds go bananas (pun intended) because they really do taste that good.

And every time you take a bite you will be reminded of how food should taste.

Real. Good. Fresh and Satisfying.

Because seriously people why are we not standing up for that taste, that feeling of satisfying food for our bodies?

We need to take responsibility for our health, our families and purchase the organic over the non organic.

It’s worth the price, it’s worth it for a healthy life!

We have that buying power as a consumer to show companies that this is what we want for our children, Organic deliciousness that’s found in these Organic Dole Bananas!


At the website it states that Dole Organic bananas are packed under strict supervision of sanitary regulations. As a consumer it’s good to know they stand by these standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are applied at every packing station on their organic farms. Growers are instructed and receive training to achieve these same standards.

Dole’s Organic Program is at the forefront of organic agriculture. Dole Fresh Fruit International Ltd., sources organic bananas and pineapples from 5 countries in Latin America.

These Dole Organic Bananas are from Colombia and certified organic by the USDA Organic.

100% of Dole’s organic bananas are certified organic and follow the organic production standards as set by the law in the US, Canada, EU, Japan and Korea as well as those applicable in the country of origin.

You can read more at the Dole Organic website –

It’s good to see a big company working hard to protect the environment and not just their big profits.

You can check out their facebook page where they post news, information and photos from the Dole organic banana farms.

Head over to your local health store or Costco and purchase a bundle of Dole Organic Bananas. I promise you’ll go bananas for these bananas! (again, pun intended) Okay, Okay…I’m done making you bananas. *wink*

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