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Studies show that this tropical fruit mixed with other ingredients can be an effective medicine for relief with those who have tuberculosis and other coughing issues. In one case study, with a mixture of raw pineapple juice, raw honey, cayenne pepper and salt helped dissolve mucus in the lungs of patients with tuberculosis.   In other instances buy discount retin a 0.025%, studies showed that the raw extracts from pineapple had the ability to dissolve mucus up to 5x faster then regular over-the-counter cough syrups.   With the recovery time being 4x quicker.   So why does this tropical fruit have the impact that it does?  The fruit contains [buy discount retin a 0.025%] bromelain, which is an enzyme responsible for fighting inflammation and helping in digestion. Along with the fact that it also has a great deal of buy discount retin a 0.025% manganese, which aids in the formation of connective tissue and improving nerve function. Knowing that makes it easy to see how it helps fight coughs and fight mucus build-up in the lungs. Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C which fights free radicals and allows airways to function more effectively. Pineapple has many other health benefits as it has shown to provide arthritis relief, help combat cancers of the breast, throat and mouth, and manage blood pressure.     Article sources include: http://themindunleashed. org http://www. whfoods. Buy discount retin a 0.025% com http://www. organicfacts. net

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