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flushotIn an Associated Press headline dated February 22, buy crestor in canada 2013, buy crestor in canada out of Atlanta Georgia, buy crestor in canada where the headquarters for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is located. Buy crestor in canada In the article it points out that the flu vaccine has a dismal 27% effectiveness for older people, buy crestor in canada or in reality a rate of 73% ineffectiveness. Buy crestor in canada We also should point out that the 27% claim of effectiveness is hard to prove. Buy crestor in canada These people may have never come in contact with the virus. Buy crestor in canada In reality without proof of contact they should not claim any effectiveness. Buy crestor in canada One should also ponder the 73% who came down with the flu. Buy crestor in canada Did they come in contact with the disease or did they get it from the vaccine?I personally believe that you should expose a healthy person to a small amount of the disease to alert the immune system. Buy crestor in canada But to shoot the disease into a junk food eating, buy crestor in canada immune impaired, buy crestor in canada unhealthy society is criminal. What the taxpayer funded CDC should be doing with our precious funds is teaching people how to be healthy, buy crestor in canada developing strong immunity so they are not subject to every little cold and flu virus which seem to be ubiquitous. Buy crestor in canada Perhaps if they did proper research they would discover what Israeli scientists discovered in 1992. Buy crestor in canada They discovered that Elderberry extract was 90% effective in eliminating flu symptoms in three days. I know the dangers of vaccines, buy crestor in canada the nerve damage that the aluminum or mercury preservatives can cause, buy crestor in canada the auto immune diseases triggered by foreign proteins in the serum, buy crestor in canada and the contaminant animal diseases inherent in vaccines which trigger horrible diseases like Lyme's. What the government should do is stop protecting the irresponsible actions of the giant pharmaceuticals and encourage everyone to learn how to protect themselves and their families. I suggest that everyone should enroll in the School of Natural Healing and at least take The Family Herbalist course which teaches the basic skills of healing. Buy crestor in canada This course has saved lives and restored health to thousands. Buy crestor in canada And if nothing else, buy crestor in canada if everyone applied its' principles then expensive medical procedures would become obsolete and the national debt could be retired. David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. Buy crestor in canada He also co-hosts the popular radio show "A Healthier You" and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.