Help Cure And Soothe Your Sunburn With Vinegar

For most of us, there has been many times we have been out enjoying the warmer weather and have been exposed to too much sun.  Whether it be a day out on the beach or a day at the park, there are times when it seems difficult to avoid the inevitable sunburn.

Although there are many products that you can use to block sun exposure to avoid the painful effects of you outdoors adventure, most of these products are full of harmful ingredients.  Some of which have been known to cause the very thing your trying to vinegar1avoid, cancer.

But there is something you use to soothe your pain and help treat that unwanted painful redness, and that is vinegar.  Yes, that’s right, vinegar.  Whether it apple cider or white distilled, vinegar can heal a sunburn in no time.  One person says that before bedtime she applied regular vinegar to the exposed areas and woke with “no redness, no itching, no tingling” and also said ” . . . immediately takes all the pain out of your sunburn.”

Why is vinegar so effective while dealing with sun exposure?  According to Bonnie K. McMillen, R.N., B.S.N., college health nurse at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, “Vinegar has antiseptic properties that can kill germs and relieve pain.”

It works by balancing your skins acid and alkalinity levels, which helps with the healing process.  Its strange to think that this common kitchen ingredient would be so effective, but its true.  Not only having healing powers for sunburn, vinegar can also be an effective way to cure acne.  Diluting the vinegar with water an applying it to your face will keep excess oils at bay.

Strange? Yes.  Effective? Definitely.  Next time your in pain and have reddened skin from the sun, take a trip to your kith and see for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.

Splenda vs. Equal/NutraSweet? Which is better for you?

In short the answer is neither.  These are just big manufacturer tactics to lure you in to think you are being more “health conscience” about what you use as a sweetener.  A “safe” alternative to sugar without the extra calories so you can watch your weight.  These feed into the low-fat, sugar-free diets that generate this type of thinking.  splenda2

What chemicals are behind these so called “safe” alternatives to sugar? Splenda (sucralose) and Equal/NutraSweet (aspartame) are artificial sweetener chemicals to make you think you are using a safe health conscience alternative route but in fact your are feeding your body neurotoxic poisons.  Both artificial sweeteners have been shown in the laboratory to damage gut microbiota and harm brain cells. Studies show that both sucralose and aspartame have both been linked to cancer as well.


Splenda, which is fairly newer to the game, has been marketed as a derivative of sugar, implying that it is safer and more versatile than other artificial sweeteners on the market. But in reality, Splenda is an organochlorine pesticide compound similar to DDT, PCBs, and other harmful substances that nobody would ever willingly consume as food if they were aware of the harmful effects that follow.

Although, splenda has been marketed as a safe option for diabetics, studies have shown that it in fact raises boll sugar levels.  The chemicals alter the metabolic parameters in a way that it will actually sustain  diabetes.  Splenda has also been shown to bioaccumulate in the body, meaning the body does not know how to process it so it simply stores it away, typically in fat tissue or even in the brain.


So you would think that equal and nutrasweet could be a safer option because its been around for a long time, right? Wrong, in fact it acts similar to splenda as in it triggers an unhealthy metabolic response that tells the brain it is receiving sugar when it actually is not. The body reacts by secreting hormones, potentially leading to chemical imbalance, weight gain, and other symptoms.

The chemical behind this is aspartame.  In fact, aspartame is an acid-creating substance that causes the body to store it away in fat tissue (similar to splenda/sucralose). Over time, the bioaccumulation of this chemical compound results in weight gain and obesity. It will also intensify cravings for sweets and junk food, causing people to overeat and potentiallyput on more weight.

So what is the safe alternative?

One healthy option is Stevia.  Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that comes from the stevia plant. Like other artificial sweeteners, stevia is sweet but does not contain refined sugar. But in fact does not trick the brain in the same ways as aspartame and sucralose, making it a much healthier option.stevia

A much healthier approach is to cut out all refined sugar products and “cheap” carbohydrates.  Replacing them with whole foods rich in beneficial fats and micronutrients.  This is a good first step to cutting out sugar addiction for good. With small amounts of natural sugar in the form of sweet fruits this process will be much easier on you, and can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet.




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Pinneapple As An Alternative To Cough Syrup

Studies show that this tropical fruit mixed with other ingredients can be an effective medicine for relief with those who have tuberculosis and other coughing issues.

In one case study, with a mixture of raw pineapple juice, raw honey, cayenne pepper and salt helped dissolve mucus in the lungs of patients with tuberculosis.  In other instances, studies showed that the raw extracts from pineapple had the ability to dissolve mucus up to 5x faster then regular over-the-counter cough syrups.  With the recovery time being 4x quicker.  Pineapple2

So why does this tropical fruit have the impact that it does?  The fruit contains bromelain, which is an enzyme responsible for fighting inflammation and helping in digestion. Along with the fact that it also has a great deal of manganese, which aids in the formation of connective tissue and improving nerve function. Knowing that makes it easy to see how it helps fight coughs and fight mucus build-up in the lungs.

Pineapple is an excellent source of vitamin C which fights free radicals and allows airways to function more effectively. Pineapple has many other health benefits as it has shown to provide arthritis relief, help combat cancers of the breast, throat and mouth, and manage blood pressure.



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Delicious Baked Tilapia

Looking for an easy dish to cook that is delicious and healthy?  With a preparation time of 5 mins and bake time of 30 mins, you still have time to unwind after a hard days work without more work to do in the kitchen.  Try this amazing baked tilapia recipetilapia1

“This easy recipe for tilapia only takes a few minutes to prepare, uses few ingredients, and is flavorful.”


(serving size 4)

  • 4 (4 ounce) fillets tilapia
  • 2 teaspoons butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning TM, or to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt, or to taste
  • 1 lemon, sliced
  • 1 (16 ounce) package frozen cauliflower with broccoli and red pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees F). Grease a 9×13 inch baking dish.

2. Place the tilapia fillets in the bottom of the baking dish and dot with butter. Season with Old Bay seasoning and garlic salt. Top each one with a slice or two of lemon. Arrange the frozen mixed vegetables around the fish, and season lightly with salt and pepper.

3. Cover the dish and bake for 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, until vegetables are tender and fish flakes easily with a fork.


  • Calories – 172 kcal
  • Carbohydrates – 7.3 g
  • Cholesterol – 46 mg
  • Fat – 3.6 g
  • Fiber – 2.7 g
  • Protein – 24.8 g
  • Sodium – 354 mg

Tighten Your Belly With 5 Easy Exercises

I’m sure we all wish that we could shed a few pounds, especially around the midsection.  With the warmer weather here it seems to be more of a priority.  Of course we all wand to look good in a bathing suit but the are other, health conscience reasons, you should want to lose that spare tire around your midsections.

Why is belly fat so bad? The fat that surrounds your midsection is easily broken down and absorbed into the blood, traveling to the liver where it increases the production of triglycerides and so-called “bad” cholesterol, both of which have been implicated in an array of diseases and medical conditions. It also works to upset the balance between blood sugar and insulin, which can result in diabetes and metabolic problems.

But nevertheless, we want to get rid of it and have that tight body when we look in the mirror.  So lets take a look at some exercises that we can accomplish at home.

Rolling crunches

Begin by lying flat on the floor with your lower back pressed against the floor for support. With your hands behind your head, begin as though you’re performing a sit-up, rolling your shoulders upward and forward and gently lifting your legs, bending them and rocking them toward your chest. If you can’t lift your head far, or at all, that’s OK; start with just the roll until you build up your strength. Repeat 10 times.bf2

Lunge twist

Combine the power of a forward lunge with the waist-whittling motion of the torso twist: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, lunge forward with your right leg and gently rotate your upper body to the right. Move back to starting position and repeat with the left leg, performing 8 to 10 reps on each side.

Squat jump

Stand as in the lunge twist and squat down as though you’re sitting in a chair. Now jump straight up, raising both arms straight over your head. Land in the squat position and repeat 12 times.

Alternate hop

Standing as for the lunge twist, put your hands on your hips. Now step forward using your left leg while raising your right leg up to a 90-degree angle. The effect is as if you’re getting ready to take a giant step with the right leg. Now jump straight up on your left foot, landing with both feet together. Do eight for each leg.

Side leg kicks

Tone the obliques,the side muscles responsible for your love handles

With this exercise: Lie on your right side with your legs together and straight. Prop your upper body on your elbow, placing your lower arm on the floor in front of you to help you balance. Place your left hand lightly on the floor in front of you. Now, keeping your toes flexed, raise your left leg a few inches and slowly swing it forward as far as you can while counting to two, then swing it back as far as you can while counting to two. Return to the start position but keep your left leg raised, don’t rest it in between reps. Repeat six times and then switch legs.



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The Hidden Forms of MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) has been the center of debate for health concerns for a long time.  The Food and Drug Administration has claimed the product is “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS), but many believe this to be untrue.  Many studies have been devoted to proving the ill effect MSG has on your body.  In fact, MSG has been shown to have neurotoxic effects, although the FDA claims that problems associated with MSG affect only about 2 percent of the population, many health experts say that number is much  higher. In fact, MSG continues to be the root of many health problems for tens of millions of people. msg1
For those that are highly sensitive to the ill affects of MSG, it not as easy or simple as reading the label.  MSG hides behind many names and products that you wouldn’t necessarily catch without knowing.  Because MSG is used in the production or processing of so many products, you can still experience the consequences of MSG even when it’s not specifically listed on the label.

Lets take a look at some of the blinders that cover the identity of monosodium glutamate. is dedicated to monitoring MSG in food products, the following labeling terms indicate that MSG is present:

  • Glutamic acid
  • Hydrolyzed protein of any type
  • Monopotassium glutamate
  • Protein
  • Glutamate
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Citric acid

Other products/ingredients that many times include or produce free glutamic acid during the processing phase include:

  • Seasonings
  • Bouillon, broth or stock
  • Any “flavors” or “flavoring,” including so-called natural flavoring
  • Anything “ultra-pasteurized”
  • Pectin
  • Amino acids
  • Maltodextrin
  • Carrageenan
  • Oligodextrin
  • Barley malt, malted barley or malt extract
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Citric acid, Citrate

And keep in mind, MSG may occur naturally in some products, including tomato products and cheeses, more specifically Parmesan cheese. But simply because it occurs naturally doesn’t mean that it’s safe to consume or won’t cause reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

Be aware that protein powders and essentially any food containing hydrolyzed proteins is very likely to contain MSG, and although products labeled “organic” cannot contain MSG as an ingredient, other ingredients used in organic food production may use or create MSG.

Remember, the eye cannot see what the mind doesn’t know, so let us be aware of the different ways alias’ of MSG.


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Ups and Downs of Juicing

The Ups

One of the most beneficial parts of juicing is the tremendous amounts of nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, water and oxygen in each serving. However, since the juicing machine separates out the fiber in your fruits and vegetables, juices are digested in just minutes, and these nutrients become much more efficient and absorb quickly. This is a highly beneficial for people with immune system disorders such as cancer, chronic fatigue and AIDS.

Juicing also gives you digestive system a much needed break. With all of the processed foods that we consume yearly, this will help cleanse your body of many unwanted toxins.  Juices send a quick source of fuel into the bloodstream and allow the digestive organs to not work as hard. The high level of energy that it would normally take for digestion can now be used for cleansing and rebuilding the body.

Juicing can also be used to help or relieve constipation, headaches, stress and moodiness that some women experience before their periods, due to its balancing effects.Juicing2

The Downs

The first thing to consider is that juicing can be more on the expensive side. A good juicer can easily run up to $300 and more, and the large amounts of fruits and vegetables that need to be purchased can add up, not to mention the time spent to prepare and clean up after, can be a difficult task for anyone.

However, more important is the fact that most juices have a high concentration of natural sugars and therefore feed yeast and other opportunistic organisms. They also don’t combine well, and if they are eaten with proteins or starches, they can cause digestion problems like fermentation and gas.

The most important rule to consider before juicing is making sure that the colon has been detoxified and that there are significant amounts of good bacteria in the digestive tract. If using any high-sugar fruit, there should be no symptoms of yeast overgrowth at all, as the natural sugars from the fruit will feed it and allow the yeast to stay in control in the digestive tract.

Juicing can be very beneficial if one is ready to follow some simple rules.  However, if you have a issue with blood sugar levels then stick to a low-sugar juice of mainly green vegetables and spices (like ginger or basil), and use a green apple for a touch of sweetness.

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3 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Mosquito’s

Mosquito’s can be quit a nuisance most times. Not only are they irritating to deal with but can be potentially harmful.  Because they feed on blood, some can transmit potentially deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and filariasis.  Here are a few ways to deter mosquitoes without harming your health or the environment.

1) Garlic

Garlic not only have many health benefits that boosts your immune system, but has also shown to repel mosquitoes.  By simply pressing some garlic and mix its juices with water, then add to a spray bottle. It’s safe on skin as well as plants, and good at keeping mosquitos away.

Others have found that even just eating it, despite the fact that consuming garlic cloves on a regular basis may not be preferred or practical, it has shown promise to keep those pesty cridders awaynomos

2) Mosquito-repelling plants and herbs

Marigolds, lemon thyme, basil and catnip are top plants and herbs known to deter mosquitoes. Iowa State University researchers discovered that catnip, for example, not only keeps mosquitoes away but cockroaches too. They also determined that the essential oil responsible for catnip’s smell is about 10 times more effective than harsh sprays specifically designed to distance mosquitoes.

3) Buy a bat house

Bat cave anyone? Despite all the scary movies you have seen, bats don’t attack humans, but they do feed on insects like mosquitoes. In fact, one single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects hourly, and each bat typically consumes up to 8,000 insects every night. Hanging a bat house can help reduce the presence of mosquitoes in social areas.

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Fight Off Body Odor With Vegetables And Fruit

Nobody likes bad body odor.  Most of us go to any lengths to try and cover it up with creams, lotions, deodorants and perfumes.  But what most of us fail to realize is that most of the products we are using to cover up the bad smells are actually impacting our body in a negative way.  Majority of the popular brands to “deodorize” us contain an aluminum base and paraben.  Research has shown that absorption through the skin of such substances plays a role in an elevated Alzheimer’s risk and may also lead to a higher risk of breast cancer.bo2

One key area of focus involves choline, a nutrient that Oregon State University researchers identified as an “unpleasant odor-producing culprit”. Diets low in choline can help reduce bad body odor.

Vegetables are low in this nutrient overall, however, the ones with lowest choline have been identified as raw cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale and carrots.  While fruits with low choline levels include pears, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and bananas.

Also, fresh citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, are considered especially effective in fighting body odor. A New York City dermatologist and internist has said that “the acids in citrus fruits help flush water through your body. And because citrus also contains fiber, they move through your system slowly and flush out toxins that contribute to body odors.”

Another study showed that people with a no red meat diet had a significantly lower body odor and was deemed more pleasant a smell.


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Natural Remedies For Tinnitus

So what is tinnitus you ask?  Do you ever have a ringing in your ears but when there is complete silence?  Or when your trying to concentrate but cant get that high pitch sound to go away that nobody else hears? That is tinnitus.tinnitus1


Tinnitus – from the Latin word tinnītus meaning “ringing” is the perception of sound within the human ear (ringing of the ears) when no actual sound is present. Despite the origin of the name, “ringing” is only one of many sounds the person may perceive.

The sounds range from ringing, whistling, clicking or hissing, loud or soft, intermittent or incessant. Although most people find this mildly annoying and learn to deal with it, about 1-2% of people find it to be a significant problem.

What is the underlying cause to this subjective phenomenon? The most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss.  Other causes include: neurological damage (multiple sclerosis), ear infections, oxidative stress, emotional stress, foreign objects in the ear, nasal allergies that prevent (or induce) fluid drain, wax build-up, and exposure to loud sounds.

Luckily there are some natural remedies that can help reduce these situations.  Lets take a look at a few below.

Sesame seeds

Some Chinese herbalists recommend the use of sesame seeds for treating tinnitus. You could add these seeds to the foods you consume or use tahini, the bread spread made from sesame seeds.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba has been shown in many studies to be helpful for many health ailments related to aging, including memory loss, poor circulation and tinnitus.

As ginkgo improves blood circulation, it could help with cases of ringing in the ears which are associated with lack of circulation to the inner ear.

B vitamins

Tinnitus could be linked to a deficiency in B vitamins, and some people have found relief from the ringing by taking a B complex supplement.


Tinnitus is also linked to a deficiency in zinc. Zinc supplementation could thus be useful, as could the consumption of zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, pecans and oysters.