A ORGANIC Happy Healthy Holiday Meal

a happy health yholiday meal

Why a Organic holiday meal?

Because every meal should be organic, every meal should taste that good!


From this:


To this:




 Organic brands and food items we used at our Thanksgiving dinner!




This meal is normally quite the mix on the gut and it can leave you feeling bloated, stuffed and feeling yucky.

Have you ever wonder why that is?

Not this meal! Organic makes a big difference because it’s real ingredients.

Think about it…everyone else using the “normal” brands like a butterball turkey and stove-top stuffing. All un-organic food items are full of chemicals like hydrogenated oils, high fructose, MSG and a whole lot of garbage and that creates a upset bloated tummy that can’t digest those chemicals and artificial ingredients.

I know you can make everything from scratch and if it comes from your own garden it can be organic, I purposely wanted to make a easy organic dinner to show our reads that it can be easy and it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to have a organic holiday dinner.

Try these products for a easy organic holiday meal the next time you gather and you will find yourself having a happy healthy holiday!

* We were not paid or given anything for our opinions on these brands and products. They were all purchased with our own money.

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