A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils



Essential Oils are a wonderful help with many things in our everyday lives.


You may be surprised at the list I have for you today!

Essential Oils can be used for Air fresheners, Hay fever, Bug bites, Hair Growth and Dandruff, Healing Cuts and Wounds but I can’t stop there.

Read on and be amazed. 😉


  • They are great for use in Meditation diffuse while praying, meditating, practicing yoga to calm the body, mind and spirit.

  • Kids having a tantrum? Dilute and apply to back of neck and feet to calm over activity and to put a stop to tantrums.

  • Teeth Grinding? Apply along the jawline and diffuse while sleeping to alleviate teeth grinding.

  • Pets can get some great use out of some essential oils to. Apply behind the ears of overactive pets to promote calm behavior and there are some essential oils that help with fleas or skin irritation.

  • Insomnia? Apply to feet before bed, diffuse a combination to promote a good nights rest.

  • Relaxing bath water by applying some drops of lavender with epsom salt and warm water.

  • Anxiety? Apply lavender oil behind the ears and rub on feet to release tension and anxiety.

  • A massage wouldn’t be a massage without essential oils.

  • Restless leg syndrome? Apply some Relax synergy essential oil to your feet and on tops of thighs and back of calves.

  • Make your own natural cleaners and bath products by adding some lemon or orange essential oil.

  • Eucalyptus oil relieves cold and congestion. Add some to a warm bath to help with arthritis and pain relief. Don’t use near the face of infants and children.

  • Essential oils are great for pain relievers, hot flashes, boosts immunity and beautifies the skin.


Who needs modern medicine…right? (I kid!) I’m not against all modern medicine but I am all for natural medicine!


A quick Essential oils guide:

Ginger: Helps with gas, indigestion, morning sickness, motion sickness and more

Chamomile: Great for bee stings, restless legs

Peppermint: Keeps ants away, headache management

Grapefruit: Addictions, Cellulite, Stress

Tea Tree: Helps boils, tooth aches,  acne, sore throats and more

Clove Bud: Helps sensitive teeth and babies teething

Ylang Ylang: Anxiety, High blood pressure, restlessness

Cinnamon: Helps control diabetes and natural energy booster

Sandalwood: ADD/ADHD, Coma, Polio, Tumor

Rosemary: Migraine relief, Helps stomach aches and hair loss

Thyme: Helps bruises, Helps aches and pains






The Don’ts to know of essential oil use:


  • Don’t expose oils to sunlight.

  • Don’t place near cellphones and gadgets with high electromagnetic interference.

  • Make sure to read bottles and labels and use topical oils for topical uses only and make sure it’s okay to ingest oils before doing so.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and don’t drop in ears.

  • Don’t use plastic or Styrofoam cups if you plan on drinking water with essential oils. It will melt them.

  • Don’t touch your keyboards if you have oils on your fingers the print will rub off.

  • Use a ceramic spoon to stir your oils in water.


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