5 Natural Antibiotics You Don’t Need to Get From A Doctor

There are 5 perfectly safe, natural, and effective antibiotics you can take for infections that don’t require a prescription.  Antibiotics being the most overly prescribed “medicine” out on the market, is in many ways harmful to your body.  It has destructive effects to your natural immunity and digestive system.  Instead, try a more natural route that is just, if not more effective.  Time to ditch the “medicine” drugs and go natural.honlemgar


Garlic possesses a natural potency in antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties and has been used medicinally by cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is able to help protect and facilitate removal of unwanted bacteria in the body.

Allicin, the effective ingredient in garlic, is responsible to killing off the potentially harmful bacteria. In order to activate its antibiotic properties, garlic must be eaten raw, in warm tea, or in lightly cooked food.


Traditionally, echinacea has been used for hundreds of years for treating a wide variety of infections.  Many times, it has been known to treat open wounds, diphtheria, blood poisoning, and other bacterial related illnesses.

Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano has antiviral, antifungal, and attacks pathogenic bacteria in your system without killing off valuable bacteria.  The key antimicrobial ingredient in oil of oregano is carvacrol. Make sure that your source is at least 70 percent carvacrol content, this will ensure to be more effective.

Manuka honey

One of the more better tasting antibiotics, manuka honey can be used for a wide range of pathogens when applied topically, including flesh eating bacteria and MRSA.  Unlike with hospital medications, there has been no trace to building a tolerance when using manuka honey in treating bacteria infections.

Collidal silver

Colloidal silver has been known as an effective antibiotic for centuries now. In the early 1900s, Alfred Searle, the founder of the Searle pharmaceutical company, discovered that it could kill some of the most deadly of pathogens. The main advantage was that it was rapidly fatal to microbes without any harmful affect on the person taking it.

Recent research has shown that colloidal silver can actually destroy antibiotic resistant microbes like MRSA, the bird flu, and SARS.


Other natural and powerful antibiotics to consider include: reishi, pau d’arco, una de gato, olive leaf extract, cloves, turmeric, and even lemons.






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